No One’s Rose – Comic Review

No One’s Rose is a fresh new story from Vault Comics one that explores a society inside the last stronghold against the harsh plains of Earth. Together Emily Horn and Zach Thompson write a new form of climate and environmental survival. The ongoing series brings together elements of nature and science. An exotic utopia built around a bio-engineered super tree within a mega dome. 

Captain Tenn Gavrillo protagonist is a bio-engineer inside the dome. Her brother Seren Gavrillo is aligned with the Drasil resistance who wish to leave the dome and start life there in the harsh lands of former Earth. In a twisted game of hidden agendas, secrets, and politics the preservation of the human race is at an all time high. 

When Tenn and Seren learn about the super tree slowly dying it sparks outrage and fear across all levels of the utopia known as The Green Zone. Tenn fights for her beliefs through science while Seren tends to the people. Joro Arq, head of the high order in the Green Zone, uses fear and political power to preserve her own agenda by bringing Tenn into the fold of the order’s plan. Now, siblings turn against each other in order to save thousands from an immediate demise from inside or outside the mega dome. 

The artist to flush out this world and elaborate setting is Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque. Raul Angulo is the colorist to finish the vision of this extraordinary society. Alberto uses clean pencilling with extreme detail to the smallest degree whether it be upon character profiles, the animals, fauna, or the environment. Everything upon the page is easy for the reader to interpret as the story moves forward.    

Raul creates astonishing color as the entire spectrum takes shape throughout every issue. He even blends them in rainbow fashion to give off a more vibrant spectacle. The background and surrounding areas are always changing colors. Therefore, the color is a highlight for the reader being exposed to a strong connection of expression and fun. Then solid pigments come forth with characters with clothes and skin tones to be a contrast to the more fluid nature of the world around our heroes.

 Follow Vault Comics as factions are forged and divided in No One’s Rose. The Earth will continue to bring out the inner nature in everything and everyone, as the planet goes through transition and rebirth in a battle to save a life one seed at a time.

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