Join the Tamagotchi Uni Bouquet Making Event at Tama Arena!

Hey Tamgotchi Uni fans! A new event is on the way!

Event Dates:

  • Competition: May 2nd to May 10th
  • Prizes Distribution: May 12th to May 19th

What’s Happening?
Spring has sprung in the Tamaverse, and it’s time for the exciting Bouquet Making Competition at Tama Arena! Whether you’re on Team Tulip or Team Dandelion, grab your Tamagotchi Uni and start collecting flowers. It’s a fun way to compete, create, and celebrate spring.

How It Works:

  • Collect Flowers: Navigate your Tamagotchi through the arena, collecting as many flowers as you can.
  • Avoid Obstacles: Dodge banana peels and tricky markers that mix up your controls.
  • Score Points: Higher score flowers like roses and tulips boost your team’s total.
  • Daily Challenges: Play once a day to add points to your team’s score.
  • Practice Anytime: Sharpen your skills with no limits on practice runs.


  • Daily Points: Earn up to 1000 Gotchi Points based on your performance.
  • Participation Prizes: The more you play, the better the rewards—from decorative flower blankets to cute flower dolls.
  • Team Victory: If your team wins, each member gets an extra 5000 Gotchi Points!

Ready to show off your flower arranging skills? Join the competition and let’s make this spring unforgettable!

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