Sea of Sorrows – Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing enters the supernatural in the 1920s as the depths swell with evil. At the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean lies a sunken boat that holds all the gold in the world. In the Sea of Sorrows you can’t trust anyone or anything you see.   Rich Douek writes a compelling story about greed […]

Proctor Valley Road – Comic Book Review

#supernatural #comingofage #periodpiece #mystery #suspense  In the backdrop of 1970s Chula Vista, California a group of highschoolers find themselves in the clutches of supernatural forces. Boom Studios! brings a new tale of evil and mystery that lures its victims on the outskirts of town in Proctor Valley Road.  The leading team behind this new series […]

Radiant Black Review – Comic Book Review

#imagecomics #superhero #sciencefiction Watch out world, a new hero is on the rise as Image Comics brings Radiant Black. Science fiction and the superhero origin flourish creating a strong addition to the roster of comic book superheroes.  The story follows the life of failed novelist Nathan Burnett as his life is transformed into something extraordinary. […]

Conan The Barbarian – Comic Review

Marvel Comics retreads the history of old into a gateway of magic and monsters. The story of legendary warrior Conan The Barbarian leads a path of bloodshed as his adventures take him across the known kingdoms. Writer Jason Aaron dives into the life of Conan, a Cimmerian born on the battlefield, who one day becomes […]

Colonel Weird Cosmagog – Comic Review

#darkhorsecomics #sciencefiction #dreams A narrative from Dark Horse Comics that transcends the mind and dimensions of reality. In the new title Colonel Weird Cosmagog follows our hero Colonel Randall Weird as he travels through the ribbons of the universe.  Written by Jeff Lemire the creator of the Black Hammer series. The comic book serves as […]

We Only Find Them When They’re Dead – Comic Review

A new intergalactic adventure is making waves at Boom! Studios for the new title We Only Find Them When They’re Dead, pins the survival of the human race on finding scarce resources on the corpses of alien gods.   Al Ewing creates a universe with unknown wonders in deep space as the crew of the autopsy […]

Moonshine – Comic Review

Step into the world of Moonshine, a period piece developed by Image Comics. A story that dives into the prohibition era and enters the supernatural underworld. In the countryside of 1929 Spine Ridge, West Virginia, our protagonist Lou Pirlo sets out to make the deal of the century.  Writer Brian Azzarello does an amazing job […]

The Last Ronin – Comic Review

A new story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is here as IDW Publishing delivers the ultimate story of loss and revenge. The new ongoing series The Last Ronin will focus on Michelangelo as he sets out on a mission to avenge his fallen brothers. The lone turtle will takes arms against the Foot Clan […]

Spider-Man Miles Morales Swings into Action!

#playstation5 #milesmorales Spider-Man Miles Morales will be one of the very first games to release on the upcoming Playstation 5 (PS5) this year. Insomniac Games confirms the game’s completion with an impactful story, missions, and suits.  The game will serve as a proper sequel to Spider-Man that was initially released back in 2018 for the […]

Batman: Three Jokers – Comic Review

DC Comics enters the world of Gotham City and twisted chaos as the clown prince of crime makes an impact on the Bat Family. The Joker makes his presence known through the streets as the body count rises. Incredible writer Geoff Johns tears into the emotional and psychological aspects of Bruce Wayne, Barbara Gordon and […]