Sea of Sorrows – Comic Book Review

IDW Publishing enters the supernatural in the 1920s as the depths swell with evil. At the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean lies a sunken boat that holds all the gold in the world. In the Sea of Sorrows you can’t trust anyone or anything you see.  

Rich Douek writes a compelling story about greed and fear as an unlikely band of sailors and crew explore the hidden depths. Captain Deke Harlow makes waves to claim this treasure; he enlists the help of deep sea diver Nick Shoals. In the ruins of the submarine Nick discovers an underwater creature resembling a woman with grey skin and red hair. The problems don’t stop for everyone on board the ship wants a piece of the gold and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it.  

Artist and colorist Alex Cormack creates a gritty world that is relentless towards its characters. Alex uses a quick hand with sketching characters and details and leaves bold outlines. Dark shadows are ever present highlighting emotion on characters or the surrounding environment. The style fits the time period within the story offering a grounded realism to the people and sea life. 

Red sprays across the page painting the panel with blood and delivers a masterful use of grey, black, and blue. The water is ever shifting and presents realistic circumstances of life at sea and back end dealings with extreme money. 

Helplessness is the proper term for what the reader feels as these characters journey across the bottom of the sea. The fear of the unknown is present for anything could be swimming in the dark waters all around with the only salvation being the surface.  

The adventure will continue with this ongoing comic book for the risk and danger are just beginning in this Sea of Sorrows. Who knows who will go down with the ship, but all will endure Davy Jones locker to achieve the ultimate prize. 

Dempsey Blackmon is a contributing staff writer at All Ages of Geek. You can follow him on Twitter @dempsey_sb17 and Instagram at dempseyblackmon

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