Goodbye Nintendo’s 3DS – The loss of a powerful handheld.

The mighty handheld, the 3DS from Nintendo has fallen from grace as the curtains close on this trend setting device. The video game company is moving in new directions turning away from the popular handheld to focus efforts on the Nintendo Switch. 

Over the course of several years the 3DS has gone under numerous upgrades and dynamic changes since its initial launch back in 2010. The following models to emerge come in the form of the 2DS, 2DS XL, 3DS XL, and the revamped 3DS. 

Nintendo’s official website states certain products under the handheld are “out of production.” Therefore, any possibility to see a continuation of said device is unlikely as the technology may not keep up in today’s new demands for faster responsiveness, compatibility, and design. 

Another device in Nintendo’s arsenal that has been shut down is the Wii U, a console that first released back in the year 2012. Now, in the current year with the competition of the Playstation 5 (PS5) and the X Box Series X consoles on the brink of release, Nintendo is making efforts to keep up with the video game giants. 

The 3DS will be a part of history as a popular trend setter going through multiple colorways and customizable layouts for fans around the world. The popular titles and icons to emerge from the company include Mario, Pokemon, and Smash Brothers.   

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