Fox & Vixen Nation

NFTs are slowly taking over the internet. New artists and creators are joining the NFT space and bringing their visions to the metaverse. Today we are going to chat all about Fox & Vixen Nation and what they are working on. Let’s talk about where you can support them and their amazing designs. 

Fox & Vixen Nation is a collection of NFTs new to the metaverse. Their designs are adorable foxes wearing different outfits and accessories. Foxes are known for being resourceful and intelligent! This collection promotes the spirit of freedom, intelligence and resourcefulness. The creators of Fox & Vixen Nation want you to join their family today by checking out their amazing NFTs. 

Collectors can expect to find these foxes in many different outfits! You can find a fox wearing a leather jacket and a space helmet and even one in a fox t-shirt and pigtails. The possibilities for these NFT fashion icons are endless! The best part of this collection is there are 10K foxes you can browse through all with different traits and accessories. Fans of this collection have the possibility to purchase multiple NFTs for their gallery. 

Where can you support these foxes? On OpenSea you can check out their large collection and grab your next big NFT. Fox & Vixen Nation have unique designs, making them stand out of the crowd. Besides the endless possibilities in outfits and accessories, the artwork is very nostalgic. Similar to greeting card designs and old cartoons, these foxes are ready to jump into your gallery! Be sure to join the Fox & Vixen Nation today by supporting their journey in the metaverse on OpenSea. Don’t wait. Get your fox today.


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