A screenshot from Architect Life: A House Design Simulator, showcasing a modern living room. The room features sleek brown sofas, a contemporary fireplace, minimalist bookshelves, and large windows with a view of green trees outside. The All Ages of Geek logo is visible in the bottom right corner.

Dive into Architect Life: A House Design Simulator’s Official Trailer!

Exciting news, design fans! Architect Life: A House Design Simulator is arriving in 2025, and the official trailer just dropped. This game is perfect for anyone who loves creating and designing homes.

Build Your Dream Home

In Architect Life, you get to design and build the perfect house. Start with 3D plans and make every decision, big or small, to bring your project to life. Add your personal touch to each home and watch your architectural firm rise to fame.

Career Mode: Be the Boss

Take charge of an architectural firm in Career Mode. Manage home design projects based on client needs and the landscape. Pick subcontractors, oversee construction, and earn experience points to unlock new materials, techniques, and eco-friendly options.

Free Mode: Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Want complete freedom? Free Mode lets you pick from 60 different terrains and design without limits. Create unique homes in diverse environments and let your creativity shine.

Easy-to-Use Tools

Architect Life offers simple, intuitive tools for designing. Draw rooms and roofs, create balconies, extend structures, and choose from a variety of materials and coatings. These tools make the design process fun and easy.

Customize Everything

From heating systems to furniture colors, you can customize every detail of your homes. Enhance outdoor spaces with plants, pools, playgrounds, and more. Make each home truly one-of-a-kind.

Virtual Tours

Once your homes are built, switch to first-person mode for a virtual tour. Adjust the sun’s position to see how different lighting affects your rooms. Enjoy exploring your creations in their full glory.

The trailer shows off amazing graphics and a user-friendly interface. We see the diverse environments, detailed tools, and the cool virtual tour feature.

Architect Life: A House Design Simulator is shaping up to be a must-play for all design enthusiasts. Keep an eye out for more updates as we get closer to the 2025 release!

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