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5 Baking Games Recommended by Damien from “I Married a Monster on a Hill”

by: Emily Maine

Damien, the passionate baker from “I Married a Monster on a Hill” knows his way around an oven and a good baking game. If you’re itching to mix some flour and sugar virtually, here are Damien’s favorite baking games that you can find on Itch.io.

5 Baking Games from Itch.io

A cozy bakery setting with a pastel color scheme. The counter is filled with baking ingredients like flour, sugar, vanilla extract, butter, and eggs. There’s a large mixing bowl in the center with a wooden spoon sticking out. A small character with round glasses and a surprised expression says, "Oh! A Customer!" in a text bubble.

1. Bake Care

Join Chip in “Bake Care” and get your hands dirty baking batches of exciting cookies. Each playthrough challenges you with a new recipe, so there’s no cutting corners! It’s a fun, relaxed game where you can improve your baking precision at your own pace. Note: Remember to use the measuring cup correctly, or Chippany will catch you trying to guess your way through!

A 3D rendering of a kitchen counter with baking ingredients like sugar, baking soda, vanilla extract, and eggs. A mixing bowl sits in the center with chocolate chips being poured in. The environment is minimalist, with soft pastel colors and a clean, simple design.

2. Baking Prototype

Built in just 12 hours, this game is a straightforward, charming way to bake cookies with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s got low poly 3D assets and a no-frills approach—perfect for when you want to bake without the cleanup. Heads up: Some browsers might give you a hard time with WebGL, but a quick click can fix that.

A simple, colorful game interface showing an apple pie being prepared. Sliced apples are arranged in a crust with some powder sprinkled on top. On the left side, there are icons for adding ingredients like apples and powder, with a text prompt saying "to oven!"

3. Bake A Pie

Ever wanted to bake an apple pie using your grandma’s secret recipe? “Bake A Pie” lets you do just that. This cozy game not only has you baking in a lovely kitchen but also invites you to take a stroll through an autumn forest. It’s a warm, inviting game that’s about as cozy as it gets.

A pixel art image of a quaint house with a brown roof and a heart-shaped window in the door. There’s a small white fence in front and a chicken standing on the grass. The title "Bake Me A Cake" is displayed at the top.

4. Bake Me A Cake

This game throws a quirky twist into the mix—bake a cake as a chicken! “Bake Me A Cake” is a wild puzzle game where you collect ingredients and solve puzzles to bake the perfect cake. It’s unorthodox, it’s funny, and it’s sure to add a dash of excitement to your baking game lineup.

A first-person perspective of a baking game. The player holds a mixing bowl in front of a recipe for a sponge cake, which includes steps for adding butter, sugar, eggs, and self-raising flour. The kitchen has a simple, functional design with a few canisters labeled "Sugar," "Tea," and "Coffee."

5. Baking Simulator

For those who crave a more robust baking experience, “Baking Simulator” offers a detailed 3D simulation that’s all about getting the baking just right. While it started as a game jam project, it’s evolving with more kitchens and recipes to unlock. Dive in, experiment with different ingredients, and watch your baking skills rise.

Damien loves these games because they blend the joy of baking with the fun of gaming. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the ropes or an experienced baker craving some virtual kitchen time, these games are sure to treat you to some sweet times.

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