Godzilla vs Kong, Trailer Impressions and Predictions

Warner Bros finally released our first (and very likely only) trailer on Godzilla vs Kong. Needless to say, the internet is at a buzz for the trailer, as well as speculation and fan theories. As for my own impressions, I was very impressed and more curious than anything. The monster spectacle looks to be at […]

Interview With Voice Actor David Garcia!

All Ages of Geek David Garcia

We interviewed Voice Actor David Garcia! Here is what he had to say: 1.What inspired you to start Voice Acting? If I had to point to one man who set me on this path, it would have to be Alejandro Saab. I’ve been a fan of him for about 7-9 ish years-ish, not too certain […]

RWBY Volume 8 Midseason Trailer Breakdown

On January 23rd, Rooster Teeth released a trailer for the rest of Volume 8. It’s description says: “The clash between Salem and Ironwood’s forces has begun. With our heroes caught in the middle and impossible choices in every direction, will they figure out how to save the Kingdom of Atlas… or is the war for […]

One Piece Reaction Episode 39

Today All Ages of Geek reacts to One Piece for the first time! React with us on your favorite streaming services to sync up for more interactive reactions. About One Piece One Piece is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since […]

ColourPop and Animal Crossing

Exciting news Geeks and makeup lovers! ColourPop and Animal Crossing teamed up for a collab. This drops on January 28th! Find more HERE! Love0 Share Tweet Share Pin

Interview With Artist Cremanata_art!

We interviewed an amazing artist! Check it out! Since 2013, when I was 15, but I took plenty of breaks since then and even stopped drawing for about 2 years. It was in 2018 that I went back to art and started taking it more seriously and as a potential career. 2. What is your […]

We interviewed Artist Selena Frantastic!

1.What inspired you to start creating art? There was a large painting, in my childhood home’s living room, from a popular Haitian artist named “Casimir”. I always loved seeing the colours and shapes they used when I would come down the staircase or around the dining room. My mother is also incredibly creative; she doodles […]

Why I love Professional Wrestling

Televised wrestling three familiar names depending on who you ask, professional wrestling, sports entertainment, or phoney wrestling. I advise not to say the latter. In the near 16 years that I’ve been watching it, there has been many down moments since I started watching it in June 2005, like the death of Eddie Guerrero, the […]

Interview with Vtuber Artist Kiseki Kojin!

All Ages of Geek Vtuber Artist Kiseki Kojin

We interviewed Vtuber Kiseki Kojin! Check it out! 1. What inspired you to start Vtubing? Two reasons: Kizuna Ai, and the wish to share what I love to do with other people! I like to talk about a lot of stuff and being a vtuber adds that extra oomph. 2. How did you come up […]

Attack of the Anvilwrought! THEROS pt nine | Dice Sesh Ep 14

After winding up in an Akroan holding cell for assaulting a priest, Aslan’s fate depends on Eva and her connections to the Regent of Akros. What further repercussions will the leonin’s actions have? And later, as the group sets off for Meletis in order to help Takis set right an old wrong, Jude’s shrouded past […]