We interviewed Artist Selena Frantastic!

We interviewed Selena Frantastic about her video! Check it out!

1.What inspired you to start creating art?

There was a large painting, in my childhood home’s living room, from a popular Haitian artist named “Casimir”. I always loved seeing the colours and shapes they used when I would come down the staircase or around the dining room. My mother is also incredibly creative; she doodles little faces on the family calendar and she actually taught me how to move dots across a Post-It pad, like a flip-book. I think it’s both nature and nurture as I’ve always been attracted to bright, colourful pieces outside of the home, so seeing the creativity around me was always reassuring. Early on, I realized I wanted to do the same for people that may not have a lot of colour in their lives.

2.What did you want people to take away from this video?

When viewers see my video, I want them to feel that there are other people/artists out there that can help inspire them along their creative journeys. Whether they’re just starting out or they gave up and are looking to get back into it or change gears. My favourite part is the comments section, people can have really great conversations and recommendations there too!

What are your plans for 2021?

My plans for 2021 are to continue learning. “You learn something new every day.” I’d often heard that saying growing up and never understood it’s full potential. Initially, I thought it was meant sarcastically as a response to someone doing something the wrong way, but I gave it more thought and realized it could also be a phrase to encourage people to reach further than what they know. (I think the difference lies in how you respond) I think that realization came with a level of maturity too. Distinguishing whether or not something is a personal dig at you or someone trying to help you succeed.

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