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Interview with Robyn McConnell (CubixFails)

How would you describe your content to those who may be unfamiliar with you?

I think my content has a lot of good vibes haha, if it’s streaming or voice work, I try to put the most care and effort I have into it. If I see new folks coming in during a stream I make sure to greet them by name and ask them how their day is going. I often like to compliment folks on their unique usernames, as some can be quite funny. Though with voice work I think the key word would be range. I specialize in doing both masculine and feminine voices, so it’s always fun to show that range off.

Speaking of voice work, what got you interested in the voice acting world?

Ah I think it was a lot of things, a mixed bag of alluring opportunity.
When I was first being social online as a young teenager, I tried doing a few things to stick out and be creative, be it illustrations or writing, but those things didn’t quite hit the mark for me.
I took a note out of my Dads book, since he’s a theater actor, and thought I could try acting! One of the first voice roles I did was for a friends Dissidia dub, I remember using a karaoke mic that I managed to hook up to my laptop, I voiced Kuja from FFIX if I recall correctly.
From there I think I kept an eye out for anyone who might need a VA on sites like Deviantart, and searching key words on twitter, I wasn’t aware of any real voice acting communities at the time.

A little bit ago you mentioned that you stream. What’s your favorite game to stream?

I quite like Minecraft! I know it’s a little old hat and overdone, but it’s just so chill. I can work on whatever and do my own challenges, and funny moment can often arise from the unexpected nature of the game.
I recently finished Sonic Mania on stream though and enjoyed that a lot, though a viewer did point out that I didn’t get the “true” ending, so may have to come back to that in future…
I would like to stream more fighting games, in particular Dragon Ball FighterZ, but unfortunately you need stable internet to stream fighting games during a stream, and I don’t quite have that yet, what with having my partners using the network at the same time.

What words of advice would you give someone who wants to become a content creator?

For anyone who does any creative work that they want to share with the world, consistency is key. You could get lucky and make something that blows everyone out the water, but you’ll only get fifteen minutes of fame if you don’t keep at it. I have a stream schedule that I keep to as best I can, so folks know when to expect me. It can be harder with other endeavors, like writing or voice work, but giving yourself time each week to work on what you love is important. Collaboration is also a huge part of making it as a content creator. I think I only got as many YouTube subscribers as I do with the help of bigger creators who I happened to work with. Their userbase would take notice of my work and migrate over to my channel to keep an eye out for anything that I made. Also and possibly most importantly, don’t lose your integrity, and make things that you enjoy. I also do writing and often get asked who I’m writing for, like what’s my target audience? The honest answer is that my target audience is me, I make things that I enjoy, and that I think people who are like-minded would enjoy. That being said, if you’re in it to just get big, follow some trends and take some notes.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CubixFails?s=09

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/cubixfails?sr=a

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CubixFails

Tokusatsu 101: Power Rangers vs. Super Sentai

Greetings, geeks of all ages! Welcome back to another article in the Tokusatsu 101 series. In this article, I’ll be covering the differences between the American Power Rangers series and the original Japanese Super Sentai. This year is the 45th Anniversary of the Super Sentai series. As such, I think it is fitting we begin our deep dive into Super Sentai. Of course, for the western audience, many of you will know the series as Power Rangers. However, are they really the same thing? I’m Zach J., TD (not a real doctorate), your guide to the wonderful world of Tokusatsu. Join me as I answer this question and more.

What is Super Sentai?

First, let’s answer this question for the people who only know Power Rangers. What exactly is Super Sentai? At its core, Super Sentai is about a superhero team protecting the world from the evils that would destroy or conquer it. This team normally consists of five individuals who come together from all different walks of life. And, because red is the color of the hero in Japan, the group is typically lead by the Red Ranger.

Isn’t that the same as Power Rangers?

While certain aspects of the original Super Sentai format are retained, many things changed to appeal to a Western audience. One of the biggest changes for the Western audience is just how interconnected the Rangers are within the series. While Power Rangers has each team aware of the previous ones, the Super Sentai teams are generally unaware of the teams before them. In fact, while each Super Sentai team is different in each season, Power Rangers followed the same team throughout different seasons led by Zordon.

Not only that, a good amount of the more serious aspects of Super Sentai are toned down as well. For being a kids’ show, you’d be surprised to know that it also features copious amounts of blood, use of alcohol, and character deaths. Power Rangers typically tries to play around this due to FCC regulations on what is generally acceptable to show to kids. Now, this is not discounting the major character deaths that do happen in PR. What I am saying is that comparatively, Super Sentai features these deaths more frequently.

But the toys are still the same, right?

Unfortunately, no. Many of the toys sold over here typically have a lot less features compared to the Super Sentai versions. While the sounds would have to be changed to match the Power Rangers version, in many cases, the toys are simplified or outright changed for something else. This is more common with the more recent toy releases for the current shows. It is a shame too, since, for the most part, these changes are entirely unnecessary.

Is one better than the other?

Honestly, that’s really just personal preference. In my case, as someone who more readily consumes translated Japanese media, I’m more into Super Sentai. Though, I do still have fond memories of watching Power Rangers as a kid. I even have fond memories of playing with those toys I was bad mouthing earlier. All of that is to say that whether you look Power Rangers or Super Sentai, I think we can both agree that this series has a special place in my heart as being a big part of forming who I am today.

In any case, I hope this article sparked an interest in you to check out the Super Sentai series. As I mentioned in the beginning, this year marks the 45th anniversary of the series, and as such, the upcoming season is set up as a celebration of the series as a whole. I hope you’ll give it a shot and watch along as it comes out. Additionally, if you’re interested in reading the other articles in my Tokusatsu 101 series, feel free to read them at the following links:

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While they are primarily focused on the Kamen Rider series, I intend to write more about the Super Sentai series and other Tokusatsu series in the months to come. I hope you’ll read along as they come out.


We Asked YOU who YOUR Favorite Video Game Character Is!

We asked you guys on twitter who your favorite video game character is! Here is what you had to say…

Be sure to watch out for more tweets to be featured in upcoming articles!

Interview with Artist Artgabbo!

1. How long have you been doing art?

I’ve been doing art since I was on my 6th grade and that was around 2010 – 2011-ish, and been doing it ever since. until after I graduated highschool and have to study hard for college alongside with work I had to stop making art. I just got back into making art this september due to the pandemic, and digital art to be precise because back then I was a traditional artist.

2. What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

My favorite thing about being an artist is that I get to share my wonders and imaginations to other people and inspire some of them as well as how some artist inspires me. and more of that I also enjoy having to understand and see how everything is actually art. I mean no one can deny art is already everywhere.

3. What inspired you to start?

Back when I was a kid my father always watch old animes such as “dragon ball Z, Flame of Rekka, Ghost fighter and my all time favorite Pokemon” that is actually what inspired me to become an artist, It made me want to create my own original content that will make other people be diverse into my art and be interested on how I put up the stories of every character I make.

4. What advice would you give to newer artists?

The one thing that I’ve learned is that whether you like it or not you are an artist. never look down on yourself just because your arts and crafts aren’t as good as the others or you stopped making art for a long time it will not stop you from becoming an artist, because being an artist is just being you, yourself. and on how you would express yourself.

5. Do you have a favorite piece. Is so why?

So far this is my favorite piece. I only started doing digital art last year september and I’ve struggled looking for my art style and now that I’ve made this piece I can finally say that I have found it

6. What are your plans for 2021!

My plans for this year 2021 is to keep pursuing on making art, it is my passion after all and also I want to create and expand my world full of my creativity and imaginations and I know that this year I can finally say that I made myself proud.

twitter: artgabbo Instagram: artgabbo_ Facebook: artgabboko-fi: artgabbo

Con Watch: MegaCon 2021

As a Florida resident I look forward to going to the three day convention that is MegaCon in Orlando every year. MegaCon is one of the largest comic book/sci-fi/anime/gaming/celebrity conventions. The last MegaCon I went to featured Jeff Goldblum, Jason Momoa, Elijah Wood and Norman Reedus just to name a few. MegaCon always has too many celebrity and voice actors to name. MegaCon also has too many vendors and events to name. Simply put, MegaCon is THE con to go to when you get a chance to come to Florida in spring. However, the COVID-19 pandemic completely changed things around.

MegaCon 2020 was canceled which was actually expected. What wasn’t canceled in 2020? MegaCon was scheduled to make a return on March 18-21. Unfortunately, MegaCon was rescheduled to August 12-15 in 2021. Currently there are no guest or attractions listed for 2021. Hopefully that will change soon. If you bought a ticket for March it will still be good at the rescheduled dates.

MegaCon being a comic book convention it would definitely be better to cosplay with someone that wears a mask such as the mask Midoriya wears in My Hero Academia because we can assume there will be mask requirements. It would be weird to see a Superman cosplay with a mask on but it wouldn’t be “super” if you do not wear a mask to MegaCon. Cosplays like Spiderman or Darth Vader would have no problem with the masks requirements for obvious reasons. Whether or not it is drastically scaled down is, in my opinion, up in the air but it will not be surprising in the current state of the nation. Remember, MegaCon is in Florida.

What about the other cons? San Diego Comic-Con (San Diego), Dragoncon (Atlanta), Emerald City Con (Seattle) and New York Comic Con (New York City) are all still scheduled to take place later in 2021. With the big cons still happening it does seem to indicate that MegaCon will happen. I’m planning on going to MegaCon later this year. I have no idea what to cosplay but considering the pandemic is ongoing I would encourage every single person to cosplay a character that features a mask (example – Kaneki with his mask from Tokyo Ghoul) or bodysuit (example – Deadpool) covering the face so that way you kill two birds with one stone.

Interview with Artist Prince Ian!

We interviewed an amazing artist! Check it out!

1. How long have you been doing art?

– I’ve been doing art since I was 4 years old! I have Mark Crilley (a famous art YouTuber) to thank for his anime art tutorials that got me really motivated to keep drawing until I was 13, when I decided I would branch out and take art more seriously.

2. What is your favorite thing about being an artist?

– I’ve always had way too many ideas as a kid and I’ve always loved making people happy. So being an artist is kind of like mashing the two together into one single outlet! I create to get my ideas out into the world and I also create to brighten up people’s days. I’m not a big fan of the entire process of drawing… I spend an exhausting average of 15 hours on most of my pieces, but if it gets some people to smile then it’s totally worth it.

3. What inspired you to start?

– Ah, my “artist origin story” is actually a fun little thing I tell people every now and then. Back when I was 4, I was left-handed. My preschool teacher didn’t like that and forced me to use my right hand instead. I had a really hard time catching up in class and I would use up my recess practicing how to write, but then I realized I could practice by drawing! I was finally able to do something right with my non-dominant hand so I got really happy. That day I came home telling my parents I wanted to become an artist!!! As for seriously starting with digital art, my dad bought a tablet-pc when I was 13 with Clip Studio Paint installed on it. I instantly fell in love when I drew on it and it opened up a world of possibilities for my drawings. I think I’ve drawn every single day since then.

4. What advice would you give to newer artists?

– There are a lot of things I’m still learning now, so I’m a bit scared to leave advice. Right now I’m struggling a lot with my art style. I’ve found that I forced myself to make my art look recognizable and on-brand, but that stifled my growth as an artist. Although it’s important to have a consistent art style that makes you feel stable, it’s also important to continue experimenting. Do things that you’ve never done before! If you think you can’t do backgrounds, add backgrounds to your drawings!! Experiment constantly, improvement comes with practice. While doing this, don’t forget to USE REFERENCE!!!! If you’re like me who’s too lazy to do art studies, using references in your drawings is already a form of studying! Most importantly, take breaks. I had a hard time grasping this one, but us artists are not machines. It’s okay to take a step back from drawing every once in a while. Art is meant to be fun, don’t burn yourself out doing it!! 😀

5. Do you have a favorite piece If so why?

This one’s quite an old piece, but it’s definitely one of my favorites! I took a really long break from drawing (October 2019-June 2020) and this was the first piece I was proud of after that 8 month-long hiatus. I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to draw after such a long time without doing art, but being able to create something that made me and many other people happy felt amazing.

6. What are your plans for 2021!

– I usually just make it up as I go, but I actually do have a few things planned for 2021! I want to dedicate this year to trying new things. I plan on painting more often and maybe even doing some lineless art. Mostly just playing around with my style and the things I draw. 2020 was a year filled with fanart, so I think I’m going to start drawing more original art too. I’d like for people to know me for my skill and my ideas, not just the drawings I bring to a fandom. Although I’m not sure if people will be interested in my characters, that won’t stop me from drawing the things I love! Lastly, I’d like to start a webcomic. I first talked about my comic “The Little King” on Twitter, but no one’s really heard much of it after that. The comic is in development though and I’m mostly just making changes to how I want the end-product to look!

Twitter: naosucheeks

Instagram: naosu.cheeks

Kofi: naosucheeks

A Look Back In Time: 25 Years of Pokemon

25 years, Pokemon has been around for 25 years (since 1996). It’s difficult to imagine that much time has already passed by. Whether through playing the games, seeing merchandise, or watched the show, Pokemon has found its way into the lives of countless people. With the 25th anniversary of one of the most successful franchises coming up, I felt that it was more than fair to share my own Pokemon journey with all of you. So grab your Pokeballs, choose your starter, and collect those badges, it’s time to go down memory lane with Pokemon.

Pokémon Blue Version | Game Boy | Games | Nintendo
Photo from nintendo.co.uk

When Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green (Japan only for Green) first came out, I was only about 6 months old. It wasn’t until I was maybe 7 years old, I’m positive it was before I turned 10, when I first was introduced to Pokemon. I’m not sure if it was the show or the game that I encountered first (probably the show), but either way, I was in for a journey that would last a lifetime.

While I watched the show on and off, the first season will always hold a special place in my heart, since I had a handful of the episodes on VHS tapes. I would watch each one on repeat so many times, I’ve lost count. I even owned two of the movies The First Movie and Pokemon 2000) and both have had their fair share of views. These VHS tapes were honestly all that I had when it came to watching the show, that, and whatever aired on tv. I didn’t have the internet at home for a while, so I had no idea that (if there were) there were websites where I could watch all of the episodes. At the same time, I was happy with the tapes that I had. As long as they were there, I could watch Pokemon as many times as I wanted.

11 Things You Didn't Know About The 'Pokémon' TV Series
Photo from hollywood.com

When it came to the games themselves, I didn’t start playing until not too long after my older sister did. I still remember when she got her GameBoy Color and Blue Version and the times where I would try to watch her play. After a few months (or so), when I had enough allowance money saved up, I went to my nearby game store to purchase a red GameBoy Color and either Blue or Yellow Version. While felt strange later on to be playing what is known by fans as the “first-generation” Pokemon games, while everyone else was playing the “third-generation” games (Ruby Sapphire and Emerald), I still found plenty of enjoyment playing what I had. I remember playing through Yellow Version numerous times, before finishing the final journey. I never captured all 150 Pokemon, but I was content with the teams I had created. After my adventures in the Kanto Region, it was time to move on to the next chapter of my adventure to become a Pokemon Master: the Johto Region.

Pokémon Yellow - Wikipedia
Photo from en.wikipedia.org

In the Johto Region (second-generation), I began with Gold Version and learned about the changes in this new world. With new Pokemon types introduced and bigger challenges heading my way, I gradually had to come up with new strategies in order. Even with these newly obtained strategies, there were still the blocks in the road that led to some frustrations. One of these blocks was the infamous gym leader Whitney and her Miltank of death. Before anyone tells me in the comments how this battle was easy, I never consulted the internet or any friends on how to beat Whitney. I didn’t know that was an option at the time, so all I did was train and battle her until I won. In other words, my strategy was to simply overpower her team with mine and boy was it satisfying when I finally beat her. After that, the rest of my Gold adventure went relatively steady. Sure, there were some areas that lead to some frustrations (i.e. Icy Path, Whirl Isles, and Dark Caves), but I remained persistent. Eventually, I made my way to the Pokemon League to face the Elite Four and the champion. I’ll admit, the first few attempts were a struggle, but I eventually made it and became the new champion. However, the adventure didn’t end there, there was more to explore. Soon after, I was able to revisit the Kanto region from the first game.

Amazon.com: Pokemon Gold: Nintendo Game Boy Color: Video Games
Photo from amazon.com

Revisiting Kanto is like coming back to the house you were raised in for a nice visit. Sure, there will be changes, but it still gives that refreshing feeling of nostalgia. While I remembered what the teams of the gym leaders consisted of, it didn’t mean that they would just give me their badges for free. The battles still offered a challenge (some more than others) and it was overall fun to see the trainers again (not to mention the music was amazing). Once I battled Kanto’s gym leaders, I went ahead and took on the League again. It wasn’t until I did this, that I went to the final area for my ultimate test: climb to the top of Mt Silver and challenge the greatest Pokemon Trainer. As I began my climb, it became extremely clear as to why I couldn’t even hope to enter this area until obtaining all 16 badges. If you’re even hoping to challenge this trainer, you have to prove your worth by making the climb, and doing that is no walk in the park. I had to leave the mountain numerous times in order to heal my Pokemon and keep them in tip-top shape. Eventually, I finally made it to the peak of Mt Silver. And who was this mysterious trainer that was waiting for me? Why, the protagonist of the first game: Red. This battle was hell for me, mainly because, other than battles against other real-life trainers, I almost never fought an in-game trainer with a full party (6 Pokemon) team. Looking back, I must’ve challenged Red at least three times before I defeated him. After that, he silently takes his defeat, disappears, and the end credits play. So I finished playing Gold Version and did everything that I could really do (other than catching every Pokemon). What did I do after that? Did I save up to buy a GameBoy Advance SP and one of the third-generation Pokemon games to begin my next journey? No. No, I didn’t. Instead, I went ahead and bought Crystal Version, which became my favorite second-generation Pokemon game (in the main franchise).

Pokémon Crystal - Wikipedia
Photo from en.wikipedia.org

While Crystal Version was almost the exact same game, there were numerous differences. One of these differences became one of the biggest game-changers to the franchise itself: the option to choose between playing as a girl or a boy trainer. Today, it might not seem so revolutionary, but back then, having that option at the beginning of the game changed everything. Along with this new option, there were some other new additions to the main game, which soon became a fairly consistent part of the main series. One of these main features is a more extended storyline along with being able to catch both legendary Pokemon from the other two games from the same region. The other feature, that still blows my mind to this day, is the fact that the Pokemon have their own little animation. This little feature is what made Crystal Version one of my absolute favorite Pokemon Games. There was also one little feature, which has become a part of the future Pokemon game: the Battle Tower. The Battle Tower isn’t necessary to clear in order to beat the game, but it gives the player an optional extra challenge. I’ve only tried it a couple of times, but I’ve never cleared it, plus I never found any enjoyment in them. But, as they say: to each their own.

Pokémon Trading Card Game | Video Games & Apps
Photo from pokemon.com

After my journey in Kanto and Johto, Pokemon found a special place in my life, as I continued via various pathways. It was a number of years before I returned to playing the main games, so I played some of the spin-off games. While I still haven’t beaten it to this day, I have many fond memories of playing Pokemon the Trading Card Game. This also lead to my sister and I purchasing many packs (and even a pre-assembled deck) and occasionally dueling each other, although I almost never won against her (thankfully she could never use her 200HP Wailord card). I even still have my Pokemon cards in a binder with numerous card-storing pages. Pokemon Pinball was also an enjoyable game for the GameBoy Color, even though neither my sister nor I got super far (as far as I can tell). Once I turned 13 or 15 (I forget the exact age), the Pokemon pathways lead to many new possibilities.

Amazon.com: Pokemon Pinball: Nintendo Game Boy Color: Video Games
Photo from amazon.com

When I received my Nintendo DS Lite for my birthday (which I still cherish despite how beat-up it has become over the years), I was able to journey to not only the Sinnoh and Unova regions, but to the world of the Pokemon Rescue Team games. This was also the end of those days where I’d frantically search for batteries and the sore necks during car rides at night. Now you’re probably wondering, “Hey Tracy, how did you get sore necks from playing Pokemon during car rides?” Well, allow me to share a secret technique that my sister and I used. We call it the ancient technique of “tucking a flashlight under your chin.” Yep, that’s it, that’s the secret. But yeah, with the new hand-held gaming systems having lit-up screens, those days were long gone. We do occasionally look back at those days with fondness and some relief, but they were fun days.

Amazon.com: Pokemon Platinum: Video Games
Photo from amazon.com

Back to the topic of Sinnoh and Unova, I still enjoy exploring both regions. I will say this though, Platinum will always be one of my all-time favorite games in both the Pokemon franchise and as a game in general. I don’t know how to explain it, but there’s just something about it that makes it a perfect game. The way the story flows, the characters, and even the overall design of the new Pokemon make the game really stand out. Speaking of the game standing out, there’s one other important part of not only Platinum but of all of the fourth-generation Pokemon games: Cynthia. Long before fairy-types were even a thing, Cynthia was one of the most difficult and terrifying league champions to face (she still is). With her overpowering Garchomp as her ace Pokemon and Spirittomb as an obstacle near the beginning of the fight, she was the champion that no trainer could afford to hold back against. Speaking of which, I would have to give some credit to Alder (Black & White) and Iris (Black & White 2) for providing a challenge as well (in my opinion). Despite knowing the weaknesses of Iris’s Pokemon (most being dragon-type), the added mixture of different types keeps trainers on their toes. While I little memory of battling Alder, I would say that I had some struggles against him. I will also say that BW and BW2 were enjoyable games. The stories were engaging, the music was amazing, the environments were fun to explore, I enjoyed interacting with the new characters, and the designs of the new Pokemon were interesting (in my opinion).

Pokémon White Version | Nintendo DS | Games | Nintendo
Photo from nintendo.com

Along with playing the mainstream Nintendo DS Pokemon games, I was also able to play some of the spin-off games. One series that I will forever enjoy are the Rescue Team games. The idea of playing as the Pokemon themselves, and the main character originally being a human, was such a mind-blowing moment in Pokemon history. I still remember playing the demo at Target numerous times and having so much fun with a game that I wouldn’t be able to play for at least another 7 years or so. I’ve played most of the titles and even though I haven’t played all of them to completion, I still have a blast playing each one.

Amazon.com: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team: Artist Not Provided:  Video Games
Photo from amazon.com

The only other spin-offs that I have memories of playing, are the Pokemon Colosseum games and Pokemon Conquest. I feel like Conquest was one of the more forgotten spin-off games. It was a strategy game where the feudal lords of Japan had Pokemon of their own and in the end, you end up battling against Oda Nobunaga himself (who had a shiny Raquaza). I never finished playing the game, but I remember having a lot of fun playing it. Now the Pokemon Colosseum games, these were games that hold a special place in the hearts of numerous Pokemon fans. While Pokemon Stadium was one of the first to make the idea of 3D model Pokemon battles a reality, Colosseum took that idea to another level. Before the mainstream games for the 3DS, Colosseum were games that had a full story for players to enjoy. In both games, your character travels across the Orre region in order to save Shadow Pokemon (Pokemon whose hearts have been corrupted) from an evil organization. Whether it was with the help of another character or with the use of a special gadget, the main character could identify whether or not they were facing a shadow Pokemon. When I revisited both games, after playing the 3DS games, I still have an amazing time playing them. In all honesty, there are some character models that I wish would return to the mainstream games. Heck, it would be awesome to face the main characters from these games in battle, just to see what type of teams they would’ve put together. While I rarely used this feature, it was awesome that players could connect their GameBoy Advance and battle with their teams from the third-generation games in 3D models. I spent most of my time with the sequel title Pokemon Colosseum XD: Gale of Darkness, but I’m still planning on playing the first game all the way through.

Pokémon Colosseum - Wikipedia
Photo from en.wikipedia.org

Fast forward a handful of years later, I’m just starting my college adventure. All of a sudden, I hear news of two new Pokemon games for the 3DS: X and Y. This was when the dream from the Colosseum games finally became a reality. Although I had to wait a while, I was able to play Pokemon Y and I still remember fans losing their minds from the announcement. This was the first 3D Pokemon adventure on a handheld system. And with new Pokemon games come new features, and there were more than plenty of those. Thanks to wireless connections to the internet, players could trade and battle with anyone from across the globe. There was also a new feature where players could interact with their Pokemon in order to strengthen their friendship levels. This would come back in future games. Another big feature that would return in future games was the ability to customize your character. In each town or city, there would be shop where you could buy clothes for your character to wear. In one or two cities you could even change their haircut and eye color. The possibilities were nearly endless. However, there was one feature that changed everything: Mega Evolution. For those of you that don’t know, there are a handful of Pokemon that have another form that can only be unlocked in battle. This new form leads to new abilities, some of which can be terrifying to face. One other big change to the Pokemon universe was the introduction of fairy-types (which can still be terrifying). With this new type, players no longer felt any fear towards the dark/ghost-type Pokemon and dragon-types had another weakness to add to the list. Soon after X and Y, there was an announcement involving the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS (renamed Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire).

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y | Video Games & Apps
Photo from pokemon.com

As someone who hadn’t played the third-generation Pokemon games (only watched walkthroughs), it was a fun way to enjoy the story and, to a certain degree, how the game was played. Sure, it wasn’t the most difficult game, but I still had a blast playing it. There were times where I would look up both the original and new soundtrack and compare the songs. Some of the songs were given a serious upgrade and sounded much better than the original version. There were even changes and improvements to the designs of locations and characters. What was even more amazing was the new “chapter” added after the game’s story is completed: The Delta Chapter. With this new chapter, we were introduced to a new character and story, which led to a new theory. This theory involved the idea of parallel universes, which almost led to the destruction of one of these universes (possibly the original third-generation games). But yeah, these new 3D Pokemon games were, and always will be, a big part of Pokemon history.

Buy Pokémon Omega Ruby from the Humble Store
Photo from humblebundle.com

As the final Pokemon games for the 3DS, the Sun and Moon games were a somewhat refreshing addition to the series. Taking place in the Alolan region (basically Hawaii), trainers explore different islands and take on the different trials (as opposed to the traditional gyms) in order to prove their skills. These games were kept some of the same features from the previous 3DS titles, but also introduced something new: regions having different forms of certain Pokemon. These forms varied from interesting and enjoyable to the bizarre. For example, the Alolan Vulpix and Ninetails had majestic, wintery form (to symbolize their change from fire to ice-types), while Alolan Exeggutor has a long neck (making it look like a palm tree) with a tail and has become a grass/dragon-type. About a year after Sun and Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced. Honestly, I wish these games were part of a dlc (downloadable content) pack instead of a full game, since they’re basically the same game but with some changes and additions. I never even finished Ultra Sun because I felt like there was no point, which made me feel even more cheated from the amount I spent on the game. In other words, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Things did get better, however, after the Nintendo Switch came out.

Pokemon Sun Version - IGN
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Within two years after the release of the Switch, two new Pokemon games were released. The first being another remake of the first generation games: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Let’s Go Eevee!. I chose Let’s Go Eevee! mainly because I love Eevee more as a Pokemon and I knew that I was going to catch a Pikachu later in the game anyways. So far, I’ve been having an enjoyable time playing it. The game is colorful and an overall delight. However, the only thing that I still have to get used to is the Pokemon Go style of catching Pokemon in order to make your Pokemon grow stronger. I understand that Pokemon Go is still a big thing and it does work with the Switch, it’s just not my thing when it’s part of a main title. It honestly makes training my team a huge hassle. Other than that, I haven’t had any personal issues with the game. After Let’s Go Eevee!, I pre-ordered and soon played Pokemon Shield. I still remember hearing fans complaining about the game and wondering why they weren’t enjoying it. To be honest, I personally didn’t find anything wrong with the game in terms of story, gameplay, or even graphics. Sure, later on I looked into some of the things (mainly graphics related) that were the source of the complaints and I could understand their reasons. Are Sword and Shield bad games? Not really. Sure, they’ll have flaws and aren’t perfect, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be cast aside. From the sounds of it (since I haven’t finished the first expansion), the new dlc for the games have been pretty fun. After Sword and Shield, fans are waiting patiently for new Pokemon titles to be announced. One big titles that many are excited for, is New Pokemon Snap, which is a relaxing-looking game (the sequel to the original title for the Nintendo 64) where you take pictures of Pokemon in their natural habitats. Given how things are going today, I’ll most likely be unable to play this new title until a while after it comes out. As someone who never played the original game, I’m looking forward to playing it sometime in the future. After that, who knows what will come next. Many, including myself, are hoping for a remake of the fourth-generation games (specifically Platinum). If that does happen in the future, it would be interesting to see what the developers will do with 3D graphics, especially on the Switch.

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After 25 years (maybe 15 for me), it’s amazing to look back and see how far this wonderful franchise has come. From the games, to shows and movies (even a live-action one), to a trading card game, to merchandise and even books, it seems like anything can be done with Pokemon. I can’t wait to see where things are going to go next. Since you’ve all spent time reading my personal journey of Pokemon, tell me: when did your Pokemon adventure begin? What are some of your favorite memories of Pokemon? Feel free to leave them in the comments, I really want to know how it all started. Until then, this is Tracy Preston/CuriousCat-13: signing off.

We Interviewed Artist Marissa_Joy

We interviewed artist Marissa! Check it out!

1. When did you start creating art?

I have always been creative since I was little, and have experimented with different art mediums since I can remember. I started focusing on my art more seriously about 9 months ago and have been going strong since!

2. What inspired you to make your animal crossing piece?

Animal crossing is a very nostalgic game for me, and I played the older versions with my sister growing up. I’ve always loved the game and when New Horizons came out, I found my love for the game again and decided to start making art based on it! I’ve made several different types of animal crossing art, from stickers to wall decor. I decided I wanted to make something functional as well and thought custom cartridge holders would be perfect!

3.Who is your favorite animal crossing villager?

3. My all-time favorite animal crossing villager is Lolly because she looks like and reminds me of my cat Olivia!

4. Do you have a favorite art piece you created?

4. I have had a great time in the past months creating art, but my favorite is probably my game cartridge holder that has my resident rep on it surrounded by all my villagers!

5. What are your plans for 2021?

5. My plans for 2021 are to keep creating art. I want to create even more wooden pieces! My socials: Twitter: Marissa_Joy Instagram: Magicalbymarissa Tiktok: Magicalbymarissa Etsy: Magicalbymarissa

Godzilla vs Kong, Trailer Impressions and Predictions

Warner Bros finally released our first (and very likely only) trailer on Godzilla vs Kong. Needless to say, the internet is at a buzz for the trailer, as well as speculation and fan theories. As for my own impressions, I was very impressed and more curious than anything. The monster spectacle looks to be at the highest it’s ever been, and the hype couldn’t be stronger. However, as a fan of Godzilla #Teamgodzilla (sorry Kong fans), I had a lot of thoughts about the future plot of these movies. Here are my impressions and what I think is going to happen in the upcoming movie, and what’s next for the monsterverse.

Possibly the most interesting part of this trailer is less than 5 seconds in when we see what appears to be “Godzilla” coming out of the side of the mountain. However, I believe this is Mecha Godzilla, you can see under Godzilla’s neck you see its glowing red. It’s easy to assume it’s just some effect from his atomic break, however, only in his Nuclear form have we seen him glow red, otherwise Godzilla always glows blue. At the end of “King of the Monsters” the after-credits show, there are still remains of Ghidorah. Also in the trailer, we see a man standing in front of a screen. Behind him, we see what looks to be on-screen blueprints on something that has feet, chest, arms, and would possibly looks like a tail. However a large portion of the image covered by a bar that says “Systems” and “charge”, what it fully said is off-screen. With this, I’m convinced we will see Mecha Godzilla.

What we see next in the trailer is Kong being transported across the sea. We hear a conversation about Kong, how the world needs him and more importantly about his bond with this little girl. How Kong ” Only talks to her”, which is very interesting. I have a prediction that Kong will have a psychic connection with this little girl. I also believe there is a second version of this theory, I believe Madison Russel ( Millie Bobby Brown) also has a psychic connection with Godzilla. These predictions come from the fact that in the past Toho movies, It’s known that kaiju can have psychic connections with young adults or kids who are able to communicate with them and read each other’s thoughts. However, this part of my prediction is the most likely to be wrong compared to the other.

Following in the trailer the King of the Mosters finally arrives. Godzilla comes to pick a fight with kong while he’s still on the ship. Kong has a collar that has green containers, which I think might be used to sedate him. Godzilla and Kong trade blows, and it seems like this will be our first encounter with the two. The monsterverse has learned how often its audience wants to see the monsters, so I don’t believe we will be waiting long before we see these two fight.

The scene changes to show two men, whom we can assume are working together. One of these men is standing in front of the screen that is showing a suspected mecha Godzilla. Now finally for the first time in this series of movies, we have Godzilla back in Tokyo, which is an amazing deep cut if you ask me.

We learn that Godzilla has started acting hostile and aggressively and the monarch doesn’t know why. However, Madison believes that something is provoking or influencing Godzilla in some way that is making him act out. Now we have arrived at my second prediction, I believe that Godzilla is attempting to restore the balance that APEX violated. Little is known at the moment about this new organization, but what I can guess is that it’s almost an “anti-Monarch”. An organization that uses the titans for personal wealth and gain. So that brings me to a question, “What is APEX doing to agitate Godzilla ?” and now we come to both the answer and my next prediction.

I believe APEX has upset the balance of the world by attempting to create a Frankenstein’s Kaiju, Mecha Godzilla. By using the remains of Ghidorah and the Older deceased Godzilla’s spine, MechaGodzilla is made. It’s also theorized the Orca will play a role, but I personally don’t think it will come into play, but wouldn’t be surprised if it did. So now Godzilla is going to these locations where APEX is and attempting to dismantle it in an attempt to kill Mechagodzilla early.

After we see more of Kong, how his ancestors also fought kaiju including Godzilla. However, when we see kong looking at this red handprint, we see a flying ship behind him. It seems to advance to be anything human, which makes me wonder if the monsterverse is attempting to introduce Aliens, which are a regular thing in the old Toho movies. However, I’m not ready to make this a predictions yet.

Now Kong is seen fighting with what looks to be an axe of some kind, this axe is shown several times in the trailer. I personally think this is an axe that was made by using One of Godzilla’s dorsal fins, they’re strong and can absorb and throwback out the energy ( or more likely radiation) of Godzilla’s atomic breath. Finally, the rest of the trailer is of the two titans duking it out. A hype trailer to be sure, and I can’t wait to watch the movie when it comes out in March, Thank you for taking a look at this trailer with me! Who is your team ? #TeamGodzilla or #TeamKingKong Let me know.

Interview With Voice Actor David Garcia!

We interviewed Voice Actor David Garcia! Here is what he had to say:

1.What inspired you to start Voice Acting?

If I had to point to one man who set me on this path, it would have to be Alejandro Saab. I’ve been a fan of him for about 7-9 ish years-ish, not too certain on that number. I started becoming an avid fan of his, watching all his videos and such. When I first found out he did voice work, I simply thought “oh, that’s neat” and didn’t think too much about it. It was until I started actually hearing his work that I started developing a slight interest in it. Then I started hearing his stories about working in the industry and it seemed like fun! I started by just trying to impersonate voices that I heard from animes and video games. This led to me going down a path of discovering and learning about voice actors and their communities! There was an interview featuring a voice actor that really moved me to start trying my hand at this (I sadly cannot remember the voice actor and I haven’t been able to find the video). They said that they don’t do voice acting to get famous or to make a lot of money, but instead to entertain and make memories for whoever hears his work. This especially struck a chord with me because not long after they said that, they also said, “Anyone can be a voice actor, they just have to work hard!” I started thinking about doing it, doubting that I could succeed in something like voice acting. But then one day, while I was relaxing and watching one of Alejandro’s videos, he said the same thing. “Anyone can be a voice actor.” That was the final straw that pushed me to start voice acting. I looked up tutorials, advice, acting classes, and audio recommendations to start. And that brings us here, to where I am now! I’m having a blast doing this! I voice act now for a similar reason; to entertain and give a performance that sticks with everyone who hears it! Though that doesn’t mean I WOULDN”T mind making a bunch of money, haha, but that’s secondary! Now whenever I try to encourage someone to try voice acting or to keep up their VA work, I always tell them “anyone can be a voice actor.” Sounds a bit like My Hero Academia now that I’m writing this all down, heh. I still stand by this philosophy though.

2.What are your goals for 2021?

– Make a Demo Reel I’m PROUD of!
– Take more acting and audio engineering classes.
– Network and get to know more people in this community!
– Start trying to dip my toes in commercial work!
– Get cast in my first indie video game!

3.What is your favorite thing about Voice Acting?

My favorite part about being a voice actor (besides screaming in a microphone) would ironically be the more social aspect about it, networking! I love using social media to get new names in my head and research and learn all about them! I love setting up public casting calls for small projects for I can work with new talents and we can help each other improve! You can form lasting relationships that can usually go past the professional boundaries and become personal, close friends! Generally, I just like meeting and getting to know new people! That’s honestly why I’m super easy to reach and try not to give off a threatening aura, because I want people to approach me, for whatever it is they need! Whether it be for advice, a new job, or just talking in general! I said ironically at the start of this because, despite all I’ve said, I’m honestly not a very extroverted person, I just like new things and making myself as uncomfortable as possible. They say comfortability is the enemy for improvement so maybe that’s why I’m so “fearless” about things like that!

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