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Interview with Robyn McConnell (CubixFails)

How would you describe your content to those who may be unfamiliar with you?

I think my content has a lot of good vibes haha, if it’s streaming or voice work, I try to put the most care and effort I have into it. If I see new folks coming in during a stream I make sure to greet them by name and ask them how their day is going. I often like to compliment folks on their unique usernames, as some can be quite funny. Though with voice work I think the key word would be range. I specialize in doing both masculine and feminine voices, so it’s always fun to show that range off.

Speaking of voice work, what got you interested in the voice acting world?

Ah I think it was a lot of things, a mixed bag of alluring opportunity.
When I was first being social online as a young teenager, I tried doing a few things to stick out and be creative, be it illustrations or writing, but those things didn’t quite hit the mark for me.
I took a note out of my Dads book, since he’s a theater actor, and thought I could try acting! One of the first voice roles I did was for a friends Dissidia dub, I remember using a karaoke mic that I managed to hook up to my laptop, I voiced Kuja from FFIX if I recall correctly.
From there I think I kept an eye out for anyone who might need a VA on sites like Deviantart, and searching key words on twitter, I wasn’t aware of any real voice acting communities at the time.

A little bit ago you mentioned that you stream. What’s your favorite game to stream?

I quite like Minecraft! I know it’s a little old hat and overdone, but it’s just so chill. I can work on whatever and do my own challenges, and funny moment can often arise from the unexpected nature of the game.
I recently finished Sonic Mania on stream though and enjoyed that a lot, though a viewer did point out that I didn’t get the “true” ending, so may have to come back to that in future…
I would like to stream more fighting games, in particular Dragon Ball FighterZ, but unfortunately you need stable internet to stream fighting games during a stream, and I don’t quite have that yet, what with having my partners using the network at the same time.

What words of advice would you give someone who wants to become a content creator?

For anyone who does any creative work that they want to share with the world, consistency is key. You could get lucky and make something that blows everyone out the water, but you’ll only get fifteen minutes of fame if you don’t keep at it. I have a stream schedule that I keep to as best I can, so folks know when to expect me. It can be harder with other endeavors, like writing or voice work, but giving yourself time each week to work on what you love is important. Collaboration is also a huge part of making it as a content creator. I think I only got as many YouTube subscribers as I do with the help of bigger creators who I happened to work with. Their userbase would take notice of my work and migrate over to my channel to keep an eye out for anything that I made. Also and possibly most importantly, don’t lose your integrity, and make things that you enjoy. I also do writing and often get asked who I’m writing for, like what’s my target audience? The honest answer is that my target audience is me, I make things that I enjoy, and that I think people who are like-minded would enjoy. That being said, if you’re in it to just get big, follow some trends and take some notes.




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