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Interview With Voice Actor David Garcia!

We interviewed Voice Actor David Garcia! Here is what he had to say:

1.What inspired you to start Voice Acting?

If I had to point to one man who set me on this path, it would have to be Alejandro Saab. I’ve been a fan of him for about 7-9 ish years-ish, not too certain on that number. I started becoming an avid fan of his, watching all his videos and such. When I first found out he did voice work, I simply thought “oh, that’s neat” and didn’t think too much about it. It was until I started actually hearing his work that I started developing a slight interest in it. Then I started hearing his stories about working in the industry and it seemed like fun! I started by just trying to impersonate voices that I heard from animes and video games. This led to me going down a path of discovering and learning about voice actors and their communities! There was an interview featuring a voice actor that really moved me to start trying my hand at this (I sadly cannot remember the voice actor and I haven’t been able to find the video). They said that they don’t do voice acting to get famous or to make a lot of money, but instead to entertain and make memories for whoever hears his work. This especially struck a chord with me because not long after they said that, they also said, “Anyone can be a voice actor, they just have to work hard!” I started thinking about doing it, doubting that I could succeed in something like voice acting. But then one day, while I was relaxing and watching one of Alejandro’s videos, he said the same thing. “Anyone can be a voice actor.” That was the final straw that pushed me to start voice acting. I looked up tutorials, advice, acting classes, and audio recommendations to start. And that brings us here, to where I am now! I’m having a blast doing this! I voice act now for a similar reason; to entertain and give a performance that sticks with everyone who hears it! Though that doesn’t mean I WOULDN”T mind making a bunch of money, haha, but that’s secondary! Now whenever I try to encourage someone to try voice acting or to keep up their VA work, I always tell them “anyone can be a voice actor.” Sounds a bit like My Hero Academia now that I’m writing this all down, heh. I still stand by this philosophy though.

2.What are your goals for 2021?

– Make a Demo Reel I’m PROUD of!
– Take more acting and audio engineering classes.
– Network and get to know more people in this community!
– Start trying to dip my toes in commercial work!
– Get cast in my first indie video game!

3.What is your favorite thing about Voice Acting?

My favorite part about being a voice actor (besides screaming in a microphone) would ironically be the more social aspect about it, networking! I love using social media to get new names in my head and research and learn all about them! I love setting up public casting calls for small projects for I can work with new talents and we can help each other improve! You can form lasting relationships that can usually go past the professional boundaries and become personal, close friends! Generally, I just like meeting and getting to know new people! That’s honestly why I’m super easy to reach and try not to give off a threatening aura, because I want people to approach me, for whatever it is they need! Whether it be for advice, a new job, or just talking in general! I said ironically at the start of this because, despite all I’ve said, I’m honestly not a very extroverted person, I just like new things and making myself as uncomfortable as possible. They say comfortability is the enemy for improvement so maybe that’s why I’m so “fearless” about things like that!

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