Godzilla vs Kong, Trailer Impressions and Predictions

Warner Bros finally released our first (and very likely only) trailer on Godzilla vs Kong. Needless to say, the internet is at a buzz for the trailer, as well as speculation and fan theories. As for my own impressions, I was very impressed and more curious than anything. The monster spectacle looks to be at the highest it’s ever been, and the hype couldn’t be stronger. However, as a fan of Godzilla #Teamgodzilla (sorry Kong fans), I had a lot of thoughts about the future plot of these movies. Here are my impressions and what I think is going to happen in the upcoming movie, and what’s next for the monsterverse.

Possibly the most interesting part of this trailer is less than 5 seconds in when we see what appears to be “Godzilla” coming out of the side of the mountain. However, I believe this is Mecha Godzilla, you can see under Godzilla’s neck you see its glowing red. It’s easy to assume it’s just some effect from his atomic break, however, only in his Nuclear form have we seen him glow red, otherwise Godzilla always glows blue. At the end of “King of the Monsters” the after-credits show, there are still remains of Ghidorah. Also in the trailer, we see a man standing in front of a screen. Behind him, we see what looks to be on-screen blueprints on something that has feet, chest, arms, and would possibly looks like a tail. However a large portion of the image covered by a bar that says “Systems” and “charge”, what it fully said is off-screen. With this, I’m convinced we will see Mecha Godzilla.

What we see next in the trailer is Kong being transported across the sea. We hear a conversation about Kong, how the world needs him and more importantly about his bond with this little girl. How Kong ” Only talks to her”, which is very interesting. I have a prediction that Kong will have a psychic connection with this little girl. I also believe there is a second version of this theory, I believe Madison Russel ( Millie Bobby Brown) also has a psychic connection with Godzilla. These predictions come from the fact that in the past Toho movies, It’s known that kaiju can have psychic connections with young adults or kids who are able to communicate with them and read each other’s thoughts. However, this part of my prediction is the most likely to be wrong compared to the other.

Following in the trailer the King of the Mosters finally arrives. Godzilla comes to pick a fight with kong while he’s still on the ship. Kong has a collar that has green containers, which I think might be used to sedate him. Godzilla and Kong trade blows, and it seems like this will be our first encounter with the two. The monsterverse has learned how often its audience wants to see the monsters, so I don’t believe we will be waiting long before we see these two fight.

The scene changes to show two men, whom we can assume are working together. One of these men is standing in front of the screen that is showing a suspected mecha Godzilla. Now finally for the first time in this series of movies, we have Godzilla back in Tokyo, which is an amazing deep cut if you ask me.

We learn that Godzilla has started acting hostile and aggressively and the monarch doesn’t know why. However, Madison believes that something is provoking or influencing Godzilla in some way that is making him act out. Now we have arrived at my second prediction, I believe that Godzilla is attempting to restore the balance that APEX violated. Little is known at the moment about this new organization, but what I can guess is that it’s almost an “anti-Monarch”. An organization that uses the titans for personal wealth and gain. So that brings me to a question, “What is APEX doing to agitate Godzilla ?” and now we come to both the answer and my next prediction.

I believe APEX has upset the balance of the world by attempting to create a Frankenstein’s Kaiju, Mecha Godzilla. By using the remains of Ghidorah and the Older deceased Godzilla’s spine, MechaGodzilla is made. It’s also theorized the Orca will play a role, but I personally don’t think it will come into play, but wouldn’t be surprised if it did. So now Godzilla is going to these locations where APEX is and attempting to dismantle it in an attempt to kill Mechagodzilla early.

After we see more of Kong, how his ancestors also fought kaiju including Godzilla. However, when we see kong looking at this red handprint, we see a flying ship behind him. It seems to advance to be anything human, which makes me wonder if the monsterverse is attempting to introduce Aliens, which are a regular thing in the old Toho movies. However, I’m not ready to make this a predictions yet.

Now Kong is seen fighting with what looks to be an axe of some kind, this axe is shown several times in the trailer. I personally think this is an axe that was made by using One of Godzilla’s dorsal fins, they’re strong and can absorb and throwback out the energy ( or more likely radiation) of Godzilla’s atomic breath. Finally, the rest of the trailer is of the two titans duking it out. A hype trailer to be sure, and I can’t wait to watch the movie when it comes out in March, Thank you for taking a look at this trailer with me! Who is your team ? #TeamGodzilla or #TeamKingKong Let me know.

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