Upcoming Game Announcement: V Rising

Greetings fellow gamers! Tracy Preston/CuriousCat-13 here with a special gaming news report. Earlier this week, Stunlock Studios (creators of the Battlerite games and Bloodline Champions) announced an upcoming game that you’ll be able to sink your teeth into later this year: V Rising

via IGN’s Youtube channel

While we don’t know everything about the story, this is the basic premise of the game: Centuries ago, man and vampire fought against each other in a brutal battle. Beaten and humiliated, the vampires hid away, where they suffered and starved in the darkness. Now, a vampire (the player) rises from their dust-covered coffin to take on the world and survive in an unforgiving world.

V Rising is an open-world survival game where you face not only the environment around you (i.e. the sun of daytime and vampire hunters) but other vampires. For those that aren’t familiar with the lore, vampires are extremely territorial, so you’re going to end up competing for resources as you build your own empire. While there is competition, there will also be plenty of unions as your friends and other players can choose to join your clan (which is part of your empire). Even though you can persuade every vampire, there are still plenty of humans that you can turn into vampires (just try to be discrete about it). 

While there hasn’t been a gameplay video (at the moment), the screenshots of the game are breathtaking. In all honesty, the concept and screenshots are enough to hook me in. Given that it’s coming out later this year, I hope that it comes out around October for the spooky season. I will say this though, currently, V Rising will be available on Steam for only Windows PC; if you’re a Mac user like myself, we can only wait and hope that a Mac version will be released sometime after. As for console gamers, who knows. Either way, I can’t wait to see what Stunlock Studios will have in store for us in this epic vampire talk. At the moment you can sign up to try out the beta the second it’s available here. For those that aren’t familiar with the term, a beta is basically the version of the game that isn’t complete (but almost is), so it’ll still have some weird bugs and glitches. Given how good the game looks right now (again from the screenshots), I can’t wait to see the completed version of V Rising in all of its gothic vampire glory. For more information on any upcoming updates, you can follow Stunlock Studio on their Twitter @StunlockStudios and the official V Rising Twitter page @VRisingGame.

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  1. Hi Tracy. Truthfully, vampires are not my favorite creatures… but I did like your article. It is informative, flows nicely, and keeps your reader’s attention. It brings me great pleasure to see your passion for writing come through. Keep reaching for the stars!! LOVE YOU❣️

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