We interviewed TheNeedyNerd

We interviewed TheNeedyNerd from Etsy, all about their work!

What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?

1. I got tired of looking for pretty anime things for my baby, so I decided to make them. So I literally bought an iPad through verizon and the apple pen, and found a place to get my stuff custom printed. Then I decided to make some for us adults too! 

What can anime fans expect to see in your shop?

2. Expect more and more anime themed things. I love to try and incorporate pretty floral elements in with all of my favorite or more memorable moments/characters. I also love books and Disney so always expect some goodies inspired from those as well! 

What is your favorite anime?

3. Gah that’s a hard question! My hero is what got me interested and open to anime in general. I loveeee all might! But Naruto shippudden really makes my heart happy and the characters and relationships and fights are just amazing. 

Plans for 2022?

4. More nerdy things! And I’ll be selling at sc-comic con here in greenville sc when it happens next year! 

Where can people find you on the internet?

5. I love Instagram and I have a tik tok but I’m not very good at the tiky toky. I also have a Facebook too!


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