We interviewed TheNeedyNerd

Naruto All Ages of Geek

We interviewed TheNeedyNerd from Etsy, all about their work! What inspired you to start your Etsy shop? 1. I got tired of looking for pretty anime things for my baby, so I decided to make them. So I literally bought an iPad through verizon and the apple pen, and found a place to get my […]

The Sentinel Vayne | League Weekly

https://youtu.be/1c2DOKMuBM0 The Sentinel Vayne skin comes with the release of the Sentinels of Light event as is one of the event’s two legendary skins. In this week’s League Weekly episode, I will be showing off the skin in the practice tool, and in-game! The skin is 1820 RP just like all other legendaries and has […]

BornWild • Versus Review

Interactive storytelling has become extremely popular over the years, between podcasts on Spotify to audiobooks on Audible. One form of interactive media is something called Audio Comics or Audio Picture Series. Producers OG-ZONE have just that medium in mind with their adult, digital graphic novel BornWild • Versus. Here is why you need to check […]