BornWild • Versus Review

Interactive storytelling has become extremely popular over the years, between podcasts on Spotify to audiobooks on Audible. One form of interactive media is something called Audio Comics or Audio Picture Series. Producers OG-ZONE have just that medium in mind with their adult, digital graphic novel BornWild • Versus. Here is why you need to check it out.

Formally known as Dragon and Weed: Origins, BornWild • Versus is a sci-fi, action/adventure series. This is an adventure you need to jump into. Readers can immerse within the world of BornWild • Versus with its digital design experience. Half audiobook, half graphic novel, the studio West Dragon Productions took the creation to the next level. Story immersion is what makes this series so special. But what is the plot? Take two former child soldiers, set them in the futuristic world of 2053 There’s war and destruction. International diplomatic alliances run the Earth, territorial conflicts rage, politics clash. Sounds fun right? Something you want to jump right into?

This is just an average day for Alexander “Dragon” Drayzaai and Lushian “Weed” Nicolier, two childhood friends raised in the War Zone at a young age. Both Dragon and Weed were former members of the military and a spiritual program called “Professional Assassins”. From this unique upbringing, the duo have learned special skills. Due to this they are prized by the Common Army of Europe (UNECA), and are part of “Die in Piece” missions which of course no one wants to associated with. As their abilities develop an ancient organization will arise to take them under its wing from the depths of the shadows. But what will happen next? That is something you will find out when you continue the journey of BornWild • Versus.

BornWild • Versus was released in January of 2020, a perfect series to jump into during the world’s crisis in 2020. BornWild • Versus allows you to take in such a powerful story. It’s unique visual style and cinematic staging and dynamic scenes gives everyone the desire to want to play more. Do not worry! Because BornWild has many scenes you will have to watch! Currently in Season 1, Volume 1 there are a total of nine episodes (episode 0 to 8). Not only is there enough content to binge and experience, but there’s tons of lore that will keep you coming back to find out what happens next. Good storytelling is when you can keep your audience engaged and guessing why a character decided to do a certain stunt or say a form of dialogue. The question “why” is very important to all forms of media. BornWild allows us to ask that question, but always has an answer, adding to that immersion. These nine episodes will bring you so much lore that you will enjoy and crave for what’s next.

In BornWild • Versus you meet many characters voiced by professional voice actors. These professional voice actors make the story easier to follow, while immersing you into the characters’ feelings. Voice acting allows the player to sit back and watch instead of worrying about reading back and forth dialogue. BornWild does it right. Some voices you may even recognize in other forms of media. But who are the voice actors and characters? Characters and their voice actors include:

● Amanda Hidejiro: Voiced by Alison Jayne. Amanda’s family are all gifted scientists. Her
grandfather is a famous figure in the bio-tech and human enhancement sector.
● Alexander “Dragon” Drayzaai: Voiced by Jon Jackson. Dragon is a womanizer who
loves to annoy folks around him and is described as lazy.
● Lushian “Weed” Nicolier: Voiced by Matthew Koser. Weed is a very professional
individual who does not let anything affect him.
● Selena “Lucibel” Denarg: Voiced by Adrian Mayes. She is very cold tempered and tries
to not let her emotions overwhelm her.

You definitely need to keep up with BornWild • Versus to follow these characters. Not only does this Sci-Fi action-packed series have these relatable and interesting characters you follow, it also has brilliant music scores. Music is a great addition to storytelling because it allows you to feel how the character is feeling. Sadness, anger, moments of winning or losing, the score for BornWild • Versus allows the viewer to feel the moment with each character. Just imagine your favorite video games, movies or shows without a score to back up a dramatic scene. It wouldn’t be the same. BornWild • Versus is keen on this and takes care of this part of the project with effort. BornWild • Versus is all in English (Text and Voice) and also French (Text). It’s streaming price is free and it is $22.99 to download the entire first volume ($3.89 per episode). A perfect price for an amazing story! The entire series is rated M for Mature and is marketed for only Adults due to its:

● Explicit language
● Violence with blood
● Nudity
● Sexual content
● Reference to drug consumption

If you want to jump into BornWild • Versus story be sure to check out the official trailer to learn more, and see the amazing visuals it has in store. You can check out two official trailers HERE. The world needs more immersive storytelling. If you want immersion and a story that will help you experience a different interactive medium then BornWild • Versus is for you. Be sure to support OG-ZONE and West Dragon Productions by checking out BornWild • Versus, buying the original release and leaving a review on their work! We know BornWild • Versus and OG-ZONE’s upcoming projects will be a huge hit!

Be sure to lookout for video reactions and reviews of BornWild • Versus on All Ages of Geek. Coming soon. In the meantime go check out BornWild • Versus!

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