The Sentinel Vayne | League Weekly

The Sentinel Vayne | League Weekly

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The Sentinel Vayne skin comes with the release of the Sentinels of Light event as is one of the event’s two legendary skins. In this week’s League Weekly episode, I will be showing off the skin in the practice tool, and in-game! The skin is 1820 RP just like all other legendaries and has chromas available as well, and a border if you so choose to purchase it. This skins lore is all about Vayne joining the Sentinels on their quest to stop Viego, and it appears that she is one of the first to join Lucian and Senna, if not the first. She has different voice interactions with all of the Sentinels as well as the different Ruined champions. Overall I think this is a pretty solid skin, and I would give it a 7/10!

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