Comprehensive Guide to All D&D Classes

by: Lance Kleinman

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Dungeons and Dragons is a game that prides itself on accessibility and creativity, often allowing
the players to create characters behind their wildest dreams! A key factor in making a character
is what is known as a class, for those unaware a class is essentially what skills and abilities your
character brings to the table. Each class brings different abilities, and here is a list of those
classes and abilities:

● Artificer, these people specialize in tinkering and creation, oftentimes creating a variety
of concoctions, artificial life, and magical items.

● Barbarian, these people specialize in rage, in a variety of different capacities, some get
so angry they become killing machines, others explode with magical energy, and some
even get so angry they can’t die!

● Bard, these people specialize in inspiring their companions and bringing terror to their
foes, some bards focus on learning of lore, whereas some others may persuade their
enemies to abandon their pursuits.

● Cleric, these people specialize in divinity, and in turn divine magic. Clerics may have the
most variety of any class in 5e, ranging in anything from a focus on death and the
afterlife, to focusing on the forging of weapons and armor.

● Druid, these people specialize in naturistic abilities, having the ability to transform into
a variety of creatures and use naturistic magic. Some individuals use this tie and focus
on elemental energies whereas some others focus on the very night sky.

● Fighter, these people specialize in pure fighting skill, with some creatures having abilities
to create duplicates to fight alongside them, whereas others can become masters of

● Monk, these people specialize in the maneuvering of ki, almost magical energy from
which a variety of powers can occur, some monks can bend the will of spirits, whereas
others can fight best when intoxicated with spirits.

● Paladin, these people specialize in divine oaths, devoting themselves to a lifestyle which
gives them a variety of abilities. Some devote themselves to avenging the fallen,
whereas others blazing a path forward through their enemies.

● Ranger, these people specialize in navigating through a variety of terrains and enemies.
Some Rangers focus on the trickery of the fey, whereas others focus on the hunting of
large and dangerous foes.

● Rogue, these people specialize in catching their foes off guard, whether that ends up
being through sheer intellect, or hiding in the shadows, Rogues focus on a wide variety
of attacking methods.

● Sorcerer, these people specialize in magic granted to them by their blood, sometimes a
Sorcerer may be related to an ancient dragon and inherit their magic, whereas some
others focus on the ever-ticking motion of a clock.

● Warlock, these people specialize in eldritch magic, their magic granted to them by a deal
made by them to beings varying from ancient gods, to vengeful devils, resulting in a wide
variety of abilities which include and are not limited to: Eldritch Blast.

● Wizard, these people specialize in arcane magic, their magic learned over many years of
study. Their magic can vary wildly from magic focusing on altering the weight and gravity
of objects, whereas others can bend the will of the people around them.
A Comprehensive Guide to All D&D Classes

● Blood Hunter, these people specialize in the use of their blood to control individuals and
deal damage, their abilities allow them to do anything from hunt the supernatural, to
using the abilities of lycanthropes.

Overall, due to their flexibility from Wizards of the Coast, these classes can be played in a
variety of different styles, having essentially the sky be the limit. I encourage you all to test out
some classes and just have as much fun as possible!

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