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“The Silent Kingdom” Exclusive Interview!

We had the pleasure of chatting with the mind behind “The Silent Kingdom”! Check it out to learn more about this developer, their goals, inspirations, and of course amazing game! Check it out HERE

1. Tell us about The Silent Kingdom

The Silent Kingdom is basically the kind of game I wanted to play myself: a JRPG with a dark story where you can actively participate in dialogues and decision making, tons of anime style illustrations, and possible romances with male companions that will develop depending on your interactions.

2. What themes/lessons can players expect to find in The Silent Kingdom

The most obvious theme might be the lack of an absolute truth when it comes to choosing the lesser evil, what’s wrong or what’s right. But, for me, the main theme is about loss.

3. What inspired The Silent Kingdom

I’d say my inspiration comes from many places, from all the things that I love and enjoy. I have a weakness for dark and emotional stories, and since I’m an RPer, I also love being able to step into my character’s shoes and decide what they’ll do or say. Also, the mere idea of creating a game is very inspiring on its own; to me it’s magical! So I just had to do it.

4. Goals for your game

To release it, hahaha. And to see people enjoying it. I hope it can become a game that they can remember with fondness.

5. What has been the biggest success story as an indie dev so far

After failing the first Kickstarter campaign because I had no idea of what I was doing, I managed to have a successful second campaign, where many people made me know that they believed in this game and found worth in it.

6. Thoughts on All Ages of Geek? Any suggestions on?

I think it’s wonderful that you want to help promoting indie devs and indie games. I’m very thankful! ^^

7. Advice to new devs

I’m a new dev myself and I’m still learning, so the only advice I can give is to create what you’re truly passionate about. The love and inspiration you pour into your game will show!

8. Where can folks support your work?

People who are interested will be able to support the game on steam, when it releases as an Early Access. I’m very thankful if you want to give the game a try, and I hope you enjoy it!


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