Two Tamagotchi t-shirts from Target. On the left, a pink sweatshirt with a green character holding a book and the words 'Feed Me!' in colorful text above. On the right, a white t-shirt with a colorful Tamagotchi and the words 'Good Health' in vibrant colors. The All Ages of Geek logo is in the bottom right corner

New Tamagotchi T-Shirts and Socks Alert: Must-Have Gear for Fans at Target!

Hey, Tamagotchi fans! Exciting news: has five new Tamagotchi t-shirts, and they’re adorable. Available online only! Let’s check them out!

Tamagotchi Comfort Me Crew Neck Long Sleeve White Adult Tee

White long sleeve shirt with “Comfort Me!” and Weeptchi. Sizes small through 3XL. $21.99.

Tamagotchi “Feed Me” Adult Pink Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Pink sweatshirt with Kuchipatchi and “Feed Me!”. Sizes small through 3XL. $26.99.

Tamagotchi Sheep Play With Me Crew Neck Long Sleeve Gray Heather Adult Tee

Gray long sleeve tee with happy Unimaritchi and “Play With Me!” on the sleeve. Sizes small through 3XL. $21.99.

Tamagotchi “Play With Me” Women’s Black Graphic Cropped Tee

Black crop top with “Play With Me!” in red and a Tamagotchi silhouette. Sizes XS through XL. $17.99.

Tamagotchi “Good Health” Women’s White Cropped Tee

White crop top with “Good health”, Mametchi, and Kuchipatchi. Sizes XS through 2XL. $17.99.

Bonus: Tamagotchi Pets Play With Me Women’s 5-Pair Ankle Socks

Colorful socks to show your Tamagotchi love. $14.99.

Head over to to grab these cute items and show off your Tamagotchi pride! Stay tuned for more fun at All Ages of Geek.

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