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Star Wars Clone Wars Ambush, Rising Malevolence and Supply Lines Reaction

“Ambush” Season 1 Episode 01

Jedi Master Yoda is on the way to Rugosa, one of the moons of Toydaria. His goal is to meet the Toydarian King Katuunko. The aim of the meeting is, to build a base for the Republic on Rugosa, to protect the system from the Separatist. But before Yoda arrives on Rugosa, the convoy is attacked by separatist forces, led by Count Dooku. Yoda is forced along with three clone troopers to use an escape pod.

Meanwhile, Asajj Ventress and the Separatist army has arrived on Rugosa. Ventress tells the King that Yoda is dead and that the Republic is to weak to protect his world. She tries to convince the King to join the Separatist. The King says he is a man of his word, and still plans to at least meet with Yoda. The King offers a counter-proposal, if Yoda can still make the negotiations in person, he will join the Republic. But if Yoda can’t make it in time, he will join the Separatist. Count Dooku agrees to the terms.

Meanwhile, Yoda and the three clone troopers landed safely on Rugosa. The Jedi Master and the clone troopers are trapped in enemy territory. To meet the King, our heroes have to fight their way through the enemy lines. They have no other choice than to fight. If they can’t meet the King in time, the whole mission is failed.

The Jedi Master leads the three clone troopers through a gauntlet of sometimes dangerous, sometimes inept Separatist battle droids. Thanks to Yoda’s great handling with the lightsaber and his brilliant tactical instructions. Our four heroes can fight their way through enemy lines. They manage to arrive just in time to meet King Katuunko. But suddenly, Count Dooku gives his apprentice Asajj Ventress the order to kill the King, before he can negotiate with Yoda. But before Ventress can kill the King, Yoda stops and disarms her. Ventress can do nothing against the old Jedi Master and flees. The separatist withdraws their troops and leave the planet.

“Rising Malevolence” Season 1 Episode 2

Jedi Master Plo Koon is on the mission to find the Separatist’s new superweapon that can destroy entire fleets. The search lead them into the Abregado System, where they come across a huge Separatist ship. It is the Malevolence, the separatist new superweapon. It’s a massive ship with an ion cannon that is capable of wiping out all systems of a ship.

General Grievous and Count Dooku, who are on the board of the ship, give the order to attack Plo Koon’s ship. Plo Koon and his men save themselves with escape pods before the ship is destroyed. They can escape, but now, their escape pods floating in space. All they can do is hope that they will be rescued.

Back on Coruscant. The Jedi council believes that Plo Koon was killed in the attack and that there are no survivors. Ahsoka refuses to believe it. She wants to go to save him, but Anakin tries to stop her. Ahsoka and Anakin discuss until Anakin decides to help her to find Plo Koon. Anakin sends his fleet with Admiral Yularen on the mission while taking a small ship with  Ahsoka and going to search for survivors. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Plo Koon and three other clone troopers, are floating in space with their escape pod. They discover another escape pod, but inside are dead clones. They realize that they are not alone.

They pick up a signal from another escape pod. However, before they reach the other pod, they see how droids attack the pod. The droids kill the clones in the pod. Then they notice the escape pod from Plo Koon The droids prepare to crush this escape pod-like the others. But then, Plo Koon and two clone troopers appear outside the pod and begin fighting. They defeat the droids, but now the Malevolence knows that survivors fight the droids.

Meanwhile, Anakin wants to give up the search for survivors, because they haven’t found anything yet. But Ahsoka senses Plo Koon and leads them to the survivors. They take Plo Koon and the other survivors on their ship. Suddenly the Malevolence appears. The giant Separatist ship is preparing to attack Anakin’s ship and the others in it. But before the ship gets destroyed, they manage to jump into hyperspace.

“Supply Lines” Season 3 Episode 3

On the Planet Ryloth fights Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di alongside the Twi’lek Cham Syndulla against the giant droid army to defend the planet. But they have a problem because they running out of supplies. They contact the Jedi council, after which any air support from the transports is rendered impossible as the ship is destroyed.

The Jedi council decides to help and contacts Bail Organa. They inform the Senator that their blockade runner can get through to aid the People of Ryloth. Bail Organa meets Jar Jar Binks who is in Toydaria. They meet with Toydarians King Katuunko and attempts to convince the King to allow them to use the planet as a staging ground, for their blockade runners. But then Lott Dod arrives, a Senator of the Trade Federation. He explains that there is a Separatist blockade of the planet. And if the Toydarians help Senator Organa or the Republic, they would lose their neutrality.

After the King heard Lott Dod’s arguments. The King explains to Bail Organa that he cannot help him. Because it would mean that Toydaria would otherwise lose its neutrality if they help them. But then the King secretly talks with Organa afterward. He’s allowing them to transfer the supplies they already have with them. Just because Toydaria is neutral doesn’t mean that they look away when someone needs help. On Ryloth, Jedi Master Ima-Gun Di plans to hold back the droid army until the Twi’leks can escape. The Jedi Master and his clone trooper fight bravely. But all are killed in the end. The supply ship arrives and the Twi’leks can flee.

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