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Geek Talk: RWBY Fan Theories – Wild and Crazy Ideas About the Future of the Series

Hey there, it’s Ryder, and today we’re going to be exploring some of the wildest and craziest fan theories about the future of RWBY, the amazing animated series that’s captured the hearts and imaginations of fans all over the world. RWBY is a show that’s full of mystery, intrigue, and hidden secrets, and it’s no wonder that fans are constantly coming up with new and exciting theories about what might happen next.

But before we dive into some of the most interesting and outlandish fan theories, I want to take a moment to talk about what makes RWBY such a great show. For me, RWBY is a show that’s all about the power of imagination and creativity. The World of Remnant, where the show takes place, is a place of boundless possibility, where anything can happen and anything is possible.


And that’s what makes the show so exciting to watch – you never know what’s going to happen next. The characters of RWBY are constantly facing new challenges and obstacles, and it’s up to them to use their wits, their skills, and their powers to overcome them. And as a viewer, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the excitement and the drama. Sure RWBY has its problems here and there but overall it’s a show to always stay up-to-date with.

But enough about that – let’s get to the good stuff. Here are some of the wildest and craziest fan theories about the future of RWBY. Also check out All Ages of Geek’s Patreon for RWBY Reactions, Reviews and more! A reminder that these are not my theories but just some the fans of RWBY have been talking about over the years.

Salem is actually Summer Rose

This theory, which has been circulating among fans for years, suggests that Salem, the main villain of the show, is actually Summer Rose, the mother of Ruby and Yang. The theory is based on a few key pieces of evidence, including the fact that Salem and Summer share some physical similarities, and the fact that Salem seems to have a personal vendetta against Ruby and her family.

Qrow is actually Ruby’s father

This theory suggests that Qrow, the grizzled and cynical Huntsman who’s been a mentor to Ruby and her friends, is actually her biological father. The theory is based on a few hints dropped throughout the show, including the fact that Qrow seems to have a personal connection to Ruby and her mother, and the fact that he’s protective of her in a way that suggests a deeper relationship.

Jaune will become the next Fall Maiden

This theory suggests that Jaune, the bumbling and lovable member of Team RWBY, will eventually become the next Fall Maiden, one of the most powerful beings in the World of Remnant. The theory is based on the fact that Jaune has a strong connection to the character Pyrrha, who was the previous Fall Maiden before she was killed, and the fact that Jaune has shown a strong aptitude for using aura and unlocking his Semblance.

Neo is actually a Grimm

This theory suggests that Neo, the enigmatic and deadly member of Cinder’s team, is actually a Grimm, one of the monstrous creatures that the characters of RWBY must fight in order to protect humanity. The theory is based on the fact that Neo’s appearance and abilities are unlike anything else seen in the show, and the fact that Grimm have been shown to be capable of taking on human-like forms in the past.

Salem is not the real villain

Another popular fan theory is that Salem, the show’s main antagonist, is not actually the real villain of the show. According to this theory, there is some other force or entity that is manipulating Salem from behind the scenes, and that this mysterious entity is the true threat to the World of Remnant. Fans point to various cryptic references and hints throughout the show as evidence to support this theory.

And there you have it – some of the wildest and craziest fan theories about the future of RWBY. While some of these theories may seem far-fetched or unlikely, they are a testament to the creativity and imagination of the show’s fans. After all, it’s the passion and dedication of fans that keeps a show like RWBY alive and thriving, and it’s always exciting to see what new ideas and theories fans will come up with next.

Whether or not any of these fan theories turn out to be true, one thing is for certain – the World of Remnant is full of endless possibilities and potential, and there are sure to be plenty of surprises and twists in store for fans of RWBY in the future. So keep watching, keep theorizing, and keep enjoying this amazing show that’s captured our hearts and imaginations.

And who knows – maybe someday, we’ll look back on these fan theories and be amazed by how close we actually came to guessing the truth. After all, in the World of RWBY, anything is possible.

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