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Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao – Discover It with All Ages of Geek

Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao, is an action-packed adventure game that immerses players in a dynamic world and we recently played the game here on All Ages of Geek. Battle enemies using an array of weapons and gadgets, and scan for resources with AVARITE Powered Gloves. These gloves let you manipulate your environment, adding excitement to the gameplay.


ABOUT Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao

“Fight off disgusting beasts and enemies, drill for resources, search for ancient relics, craft technology and upgrades, and use a glove with special abilities in an adventure packed with action!”

Collect rare materials to craft new weapons and upgrades, enhancing your journey through the procedurally generated levels. Each descent into the planet Valtar is a fresh challenge, ensuring endless replayability. Check out our interview with the dev here!

Remarkably, this immersive experience was created by a small team in just 18 months. Their dedication is evident in every detail, making “Relic Odyssey: Ruins Of Xantao” a standout game.

And let’s not forget, All Ages of Geek is Clunky’s biggest fan—self-proclaimed and proud! No one can steal that from us.

Stay tuned to All Ages of Geek for more on this fascinating adventure!

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