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Parallel World Pharmacy Episode Two Review

MinaRose2023 here with another episode of Parallel World Pharmacy 

In this episode Falma de Medici helps Eleonore to get better from her fever. He made medicine for her that would actually help unlinke what his father made. She finally accepts to help him and goes to an abandoned island to practice his magic. Then Falma checked on his servants of his home and made medicine for each of them. Charlotte thanked him even so much as cried cause the De Medici family was supposed to do medicine only for the nobles queens and kings. Falma says that when he’s older he’ll make sure to help everyone. Charlotte can’t wait for that day. Then Falma finds out his baby sister Blanche has the chickenpox and he makes medicine for her. They bond, she tells him his not acting like he used to but it would be their secret about the medicine he gave her. Afterwards his father called him to go see the Queen.

Overall it was a good episode rather good to see Eleonore come around to help Falma with his powers and it was cute to see his sister Blanche be happy with her brother helping her. Charlotte was sweet too the way she had high hopes for the future of those servants helpers and others thanks to Falma.

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