My Favorite Comic With Dragons, Magic, War, and Romance…(Opinion)

Comic fantasy fans, let me introduce you to Subzero, a WEBTOON comic by Junepurrr. This comic already has a season two in progress after the success of season one. Subzero follows the story of Clove, a princess of a dragon clan near extinction, and her enemy, Prince Kyro, as they agree to marry to finally bring peace to their kingdoms after hundreds of years at war. Their kingdoms went to war after the Cerulean and Crimson dragons passed on their souls to royal human hosts. The war continued for three hundred years between the two kingdoms causing havoc across both lands. Clove made the decision as the last Cerulean dragon to sacrifice her chance at love for her kingdom to marry Prince Kyro, who declared he would only marry another dragon to create a stronger future for his kingdom.

Clove is not one of those princesses that fit into a normal box. She’s not exactly a warrior princess, but she is more than just her title. What she lacks in battle power she makes up for with knowledge and tactics in her personal life and the royal court. Clove is kind and cares more about the people in her kingdom than her own comfort, which is what makes her the perfect match for Kyro and the Crimson Kingdom. Kyro is practical and battle experienced which will even out Clove’s personality.

When Clove and Kyro finally meet, they are surprised by one another because they are not what the other expected. The two must now prepare for their upcoming wedding and navigate the royal court. Enemies appear wishing death upon the Cerulean dragon, and the end of all dragons for the unnecessary bloodshed and sacrifice the kingdoms endured during the three hundred-year war. If all of that were not enough to keep Clove’s life busy, she has her own secret that she tries to keep hidden, so the wedding will commence. Kyro can tell Clove is hiding something from him, but how will he feel when finally figures out her secret?

This comic has its fair share of romantic and action moments. There is always something new to discover about the characters throughout the comic from secret ties that bind them to the little romantic developments. Junepurrr created an amazing story full of dragon lore and magic for fantasy fans and sweet romantic moments for romance fans. There are two seasons worth of content to enjoy free on WEBTOON. Subzero is currently ranked 6 on the list of most popular original comics of WEBTOON. With 2.6 million subscribers to the comic, the story is worth reading and exploring!

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