Mr. Portrait Review

NFTs are changing the world day by day. New creators jump into the space and share their stories through art. NFT art includes photography, digital art, AI art, and traditional art. The possibilities are endless. Today we are going to chat about three friends who are on a mission to connect the physical world, digital art world, and WEB3 experiences together in a new way. “Art is like life. It’s better when shared. For us, It’s all about bringing people from around the world together in both shared immersive digital spaces and physical spaces to connect, share, and experience.” These three friends from created the new NFT project Mr. Portrait. But what is this all about? 

Mr. Portrait will be located on the Ethereum Blockchain, the ERC-721. This new NFT project is perfect for any collectors looking to add more abstract pieces to their collection. The designs are completely unique. Mr Portrait is a limited time collection of 7,777 one of a kind generative art! The great part about this collection is no one else in the world can own the same NFT as anyone else. Mr. Portrait is a must have for new and experienced collectors because of their amazing designs and one of a kind features. 

The roadmap of this collection perfectly illustrates what they will do as they grow. Be sure to jump over to their website to learn more. One important fact on their roadmap is phase four where the team plans to display Mr. Portrait in real life art galleries. They plan on releasing their very first gallery show in Tokyo! This is a great way to bring the community together as one and admire the art Mr. Portrait and the team created. They plan on releasing a Discord Server where members of the Mr. Portrait communities can interact with each other. Discord will be the best place to be if you want to stay updated on important dates, designs, and even future projects!

Speaking of important dates Mr. Portrait just released extremely crucial dates for those who plan on purchasing one of their NFTs!

Important dates: 

Whitelist Mint: 0.0333 $ETH, TBD

Public Mint: 0.0555 $ETH, TBD

For those interested in learning more about this project be sure to check out all of their links. There you will be able to stay updated with dates, designs, and perhaps you will even discover the next piece that will make its way into your NFT gallery. Mr. Portrait is truly changing the metaverse and everyone should stay tuned! Support them today. You will not regret it!


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