Mori Calliope Shocked a VTuber by her Honesty – HoloLive Review

Mori Calliope (森 カリオペ) known as HoloLive EN’s Rapping Reaper is one of the most successful VTubers that took the internet by storm in late 2020. VTubers, as of 2020, have taken over the internet from streaming services on Twitch and YouTube, meme culture, and helping other express themselves in

Mori Calliope is a VTuber who does the VTubing scene right. She is herself. She is her own character. She is a character who is in our world. VTubing isn’t about being who you are as a person. It’s being that character you or a company created and bringing them into our world.

One reason (outside of being on the HoloLive EN team) Mori Calliope is so successful is she does the above. She is herself, doesn’t try to “act a part” and interacts with an audience who accepts her for being a VTuber, not just an entertainer.

About Mori Calliope

Taken from YouTube

The Grim Reaper’s first apprentice. Because the world’s medical system advanced so dramatically, she became a VTuber to collect souls. It seems that the lost souls vaporized by the wholesome relationships of VTubers flow through her as well. In the end, she’s a gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say, as well as her hardcore vocals.

All Ages of Geek Kasai’s Review on Mori Calliope

When All Ages of Geek’s VTuber Kasai first experienced Mori Calliope’s Debut stream she appreciated her honesty. Doing a stream for several hours, while also exposing yourself to thousands of viewers is nothing easy when it’s your first time. Especially when the world is still questioning what exactly VTubing is and you’re making a statement/brand for yourself.

Several words of advice were mentioned during the VTuber’s debut stream such as:

“Be yourself” – A viewer suggested she do on Twitter before the debut.

“It’s okay to make mistakes” –
This represents how much of a struggle a first-time stream can be, especially with all the new and evolving VTuber technology.

HoloLive and Idols

Based on Mori Calliope and even her mishaps during her debut it’s no wonder many people look to these VTubers like idols. What’s an idol? In Japan, idols serve as someone who encourages others to work hard for their dreams and thrives on not just their own but other’s success. They are a pop culture embodiment of important lessons and positivity.

VTubers are becoming these idols and help encourage positivity within their entertainment. HoloLive is one of the agencies that makes sure each of their VTubers are somewhat representing an idol-type personality whether that’s with song and dance, positive advice, fanart, reactions, and gaming.

Check out All Ages of Geek’s VTuber Kasai’s first time reaction to Mori Calliope. And stay tuned for more coverage on the HoloLive VTubing group.

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