Monster Hunter Rise Coming To Nintendo Switch in 2021

Capcom is prepping for an all-new adventure in the Monster Hunter series next year with the upcoming installment Monster Hunter Rise. Coming for the Nintendo Switch, the newest title will become available next year as part of the system’s new line-up of games that was announced during their Nintendo Direct presentation.

Based on the trailer, Capcom has put so much focus on the monsters in the game, which is one of the highlights from the series. The video showed off creatures like Aknoson, Great Izuchi, Tetranadon, and the Magnamalo. Players can also expect to see some of the classic favorites from the series as well within the game. One of the newest features in the game is the use of the Wirebug to reach up to high altitudes as hunters will be able to travel up the mountains and even running on walls. This new mechanic will also be useful in battles as one can do special combos with the player’s weapon attacks.

Players won’t be traveling alone as the feline Pelicos will also make a return to help out with support on various missions. There will also be the option to use a Palamute, a canine that will help players travel long distances throughout the terrain as well as help fight alongside them against big monsters. Players can even have both of them on their team when they are playing the the game solo. As fans make their base of operations in Kamura Village, there will also be some new locations to explore that is exclusive to the new game. One of these new locales, the Shrine Ruins, was once a safe haven for those who prayed for protection. Now a barren wasteland, it will be filled with monsters coming out during the day and also lurking in the night. 

One of the biggest advantages with the game is being able to take it with you wherever you are. With the Nintendo Switch’s portability, Monster Hunter Rise takes full advantage of the console as players can play it in docked and portable mode. As with all previous titles, players can also team up with up to 4 others in co-op to take down monsters and share the loot after missions. The game will also make use of the ammibos for more fun as well as unlockable features once its paired with the console’s other new release Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. More of how they will be compatible will be mentioned during the upcoming Tokyo Game Show later this month.

Monster Hunter Rise will come with a deluxe edition, which comes with a layered armor set and some new gestures. Once players pre-order, they can get up to three bonus items, a golden retriever costume for their Palamute, a forest cat costume for their Palico, and even a novice talisman to give some extra support early on in the game. The game seems to be more open world like Monster Hunter: World as the developers revealed that this would be a “seamless locale” rather than traveling from zone to zone.

Monster Hunter Rise is already available for pre-order on the Nintendo Switch as it releases on March 26, 2021. 

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