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About Legend of Elianna

Evelyn has trouble staying in the lines her fay mentor sets for her. Brooklyn has never felt true as fay, the identity chosen for her. Ira is filled with rage, the product of a poor and broken home.When Ira’s spirit is split in two, half of it awakes as a dragon hybrid on Tatu, a hidden island floating above the Pacific Northwest. But it is among much conflict. A terrorist, Kivati, plots against Elianna Schenn, a protected being by the water spirits. Kivati is protected by fire, and he wishes to expose all the hidden nations—first by destroying Tatu.

Fays, dragons, merpeople, thunderbirds, goblins, and mimetolithic beings join the fight between Kivati and Elianna. Either death would mean a lasting imbalance in the world of spirits. Is Kivati the legendary Changer or just some power-hungry brute? Can Evelyn, Brooklyn, and Ira work together to make a difference?

About Sam Fletcher

Sam Fletcher writes fiction and nonfiction on things that catch his attention. He keeps up on all things superhero (in the word’s broadest sense). Read more at fletcherstories.com & @fletcherstories on social media.

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