Immenz eSports Meets VoxPop Games

Geeks! We have some exciting news from our friends at VoxPop Games! They now have a new Esports Indie Competitive Stream Team! Read more below:

Who Is VoxPop Games

As you may have read in a previous blog post, VoxPop Games is a Peer to Peer game distribution and development site that strives to strengthen all sides of the gaming community.

Every piece of the puzzle is supported; content creators, game developers, streamers and their communities, and the consumers as a whole.

The platform allows for the easy distribution of Indie games for smaller developers and their teams, creating a solid foundation for their work to reach a much larger audience. While some game services may occasionally feature one or two indie games, VoxPop strives to dedicate an entire platform to these independent developers and their creations.

Now, games need players and communities to embrace them and amazingly VoxPop is already several steps ahead regarding this as well. Not only does the platform have its own Discord that is consistently growing, but VoxPop creates partnerships with streamers to allow for these games to reach larger and larger audiences, and create a tighter knit community that is in love with the work that these Indie developers have created.

Immenz eSports Meets VoxPop Games

As an organisation, we love the gaming ecosystems that raised many of us into the people that we are now; whether the games be competitive, casual, singleplayer, or multiplayer, each member of our organisation and community can trace back some of their fondest memories to the games they played as they grew up.

VoxPop games share this same passion, as is very evident from their platform as a whole, their support of the gaming community, and their mission statement. This became even more apparent to our Organisation when two of our own streamers partnered with VoxPop.

The two streamers, L1L F3LL4 and Hankthehippy, were both incredibly pleased with their experience. They felt that VoxPop truly cared for the creators and community that they worked with, and wanted nothing more than to continue their mission to spread positivity, and love for both games and the gaming community.

“We are beyond excited for this foray into eSports,” said VoxPop CEO, Charles Yu. “LilFella and HankTheHippy are two of the most dedicated and exciting Streamers  I know.”

As these two shared their experience, we were certain that VoxPop games was a community and company that shared our passions and our drive to move the gaming world forward for all involved.

“We cannot wait to usher in a new era of Competitive Esports Play Events for Independent Gaming found on the VoxPop Platform, with IMMENZ Esports, VoxPop Games will be at the forefront of all things new and trending, we will be the standard bearers for setting the Indie Trends, said VoxPop COO, Marc Anthony Rodriguez.  With a new dawn in competitive retro gaming, bringing the feeling of being in an arcade makes perfect sense, IMMENZ Esports is the route and VoxPop is the Voice for the People!!

The members of the indie competitive stream team and staff at Immenz Esports are excited to join this new venture with VoxPop Games into a exciting genre of Esports competitive gaming!

“I think that indie games are highly underrated and looked over. These are communities of people who are true gamers trying to make their passions a reality and this partnership with Immenz will bring to the front some amazing games offered by Voxpopgames!” – Outbreak, Co-owner of Immenz Esports

“I’m excited” – iiDeadRoses in reference to the brand extension that will expand her library of games to include indie games that are made with care and compassion putting the gamer first.

“I’m so hyped for Horror Story Hollow seed” – GringoxJr

“Really excited about this partnership, it just makes sense!” – L1L_F3LL4

“I love love love the variety of indie games that VoxPop Games offers, this collaboration with Immenz is going to make for some amazing and hilarious content.” – Hankthehippy

The Partnership Moving Forward

Immenz eSport’s partnership with VoxPop Games will strive to continue the mission of VoxPop as a whole utilizing our stream team as a powerful platform to further increase the community exposure of the wonderful games the Indie developers partnered with VoxPop are creating.

Among the stream team’s members, we will be creating a tier of content creators that are the perfect fit for increasing the exposure of the VoxPop community.

These streamers are as follows; L1L F3LL4, Hankthehippy, NaomiBro, iiDeadRoses, and GringoxJR. With L1L F3LL4 as the captain, and Hankthehippy as his co-lead, these members of our stream team will be forming a new tier of the team, working together with VoxPop Games and expanding the communities exposed to the hard work of the VoxPop developers.

At Immenz Esports, we have no greater passions than those for gaming, community and positivity, and with this partnership we hope to continue in our mission to grow these passions and spread them to many more people with the hope of creating a large and loving community.

For more information regarding VoxPop Games, please look over at the tab dedicated to their work on our site. Also, make sure to visit their site and consider joining their discord as well, together we can all continue to spread positivity and passion in the gaming community.


Tatiana Stec is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at All Ages of Geek. You can follow her on Twitter @Tatiana_Stec

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