Humble Creator Podcast Interviews Whytmanga

On this episode of Humble Creators Podcast Mikel & Whytmanga talk all about “Saturday AM”, “Apple Black”, Diversity ,“Clock Striker Tweet”, Anime & More! This podcast brings light and a platform for creators to talk all about their journey as a creator. Humble Creator Podcast showcases the work of  Youtuber, Entrepreneurs, Illustrators, Musicians, and many other creatives. Today Humble Creator Podcast interviews Whytmanga.


“Odunze Oguguo, Nigerian, is the creator and owner of the series “Apple Black” and one of the four co-founders of Myfutprint Entertainment,LLC… Saturday-AM. Odunze is also a “WhytMangaTV” youtube with over 500,000+ subscribers. Odunze graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a bachelor of fine arts and a minor in computer science. Odunze is also known online by the name “Whyt Manga”.

MyFutprint published the magazine Saturday AM with series like Apple Black from Nigeria, Saigami from Hungary, and Bully Eater from the United States, Clock Striker from the United States, becoming an alternate option to the Jump magazines from Japan

Apple Black focuses on Sano, a young sorcerer raised and trained in isolation and secrecy, who has now been released into the Eden continent for the sole purpose of bringing forth true peace and harmony. His fellow gifted allies and sorcerers with both similar and different goals accompany Sano on his quest, as they join to fight the evil within Eden. Haunted by nightmares of his father and the decimation of his tribe, Sano will not rest until the mysteries of the tragedies are resolved unveiling the secrets behind his father research on the immense source of power called “Apple Black”.

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