Celebrate with Heroes of Gaming Podcast on their Humble Success

The Heroes of Gaming podcast, which features conversations with industry creators, concept artists, composers, programmers and voice-over talent, has some amazing news for you. Before you read all about it be sure to check this video all about them:

Now let’s get into the updates. Last time we talked about The Heroes of Gaming podcast they had so much going on! You can check it out HERE. But we are here to tell you about their recent news. They created a trimmed down version of their show with Vlad being a solo host. Their questions are more towards the guest responses so you hear more from their amazing guests. Those who want to hear the tangents during the podcast should definitely consider checking out their Patreon. 

HUGE congrats to The Heroes of Gaming podcasts for winning the Best Video Game Podcast of The Year from Urban Media Makers! They are also available on UrbanFlixToGo so fans can expect to hear more from these amazing podcasters. This is huge news! It is very humbling to see independent creators be recognized with awards like this one!

They also just reached over 10k downloads on their podcast episodes!

This amazing podcast that supports communities of diverse, unheard, and forgotten names in the video game industry just joined Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon! This is great because more and more people will be able to discover their work. They recently just created a new theme song! Working with a composer to have the music fit what their amazing podcast is all about. 

Their next episode they chat with the amazing Beau Jimenez who is the Sound Designer for; The Last of Us II, Destiny 2, and the upcoming God of War 5!! The Heroes of Gaming podcast is not slowing down and you should check them out today!

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