The time has come.

From the moment Takis learned the truth of Cleo’s fate, the group knew that eventually they would have to confront the cursed gorgon she has become… and bring an end to her existence. And now, face to face with Cleo for the first time in over a year, Takis must now draw his sword on the woman he loved, and fulfill the destiny Klothys foresaw.

Prepare yourselves for the greatest challenge the Crew has ever faced at this point in their journey, for even as one tale ends in sorrow, something new is born… something that may well lead to the return of one of Theros’ greatest champions.

Curious? then by all means, listen in… and welcome to this episode of Dice Sesh.

About Dice Sesh

Dice Sesh is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast focused on DnD Tips, Tricks and also several campaigns with an original cast of misfit characters. Hosted by Lars van Breems and the gang, catch new episodes of this daring adventure set to take you on a quest you’ll never forget.

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