In a perfect world, the heroes would have the time to do everything they need to do –  time to care for their loved ones, time to grieve for those they have lost, time to take care of the threat to the safety of the world and those that live in it.

Unfortunately, Theros is not a perfect world.

So it is that on the next morning after the funeral of Fury Squadron, the group parts ways, with Priam and Toragone taking Hippolyta back to Akros, while the rest of the crew soldiers on towards the titan – and, perhaps, the monster that slaughtered Eva’s old squad. But the deeper they go into Phoberos, the more dangerous the land seems to become, and one member of the party in particular will have to face the danger they themselves pose while traversing this hostile territory. Who, you may ask? Find out on this episode of Dice Sesh!

About Dice Sesh

Dice Sesh is a Dungeons and Dragons podcast focused on DnD Tips, Tricks and also several campaigns with an original cast of misfit characters. Hosted by Lars van Breems and the gang, catch new episodes of this daring adventure set to take you on a quest you’ll never forget.

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