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5 Book Series to Revisit During Quarantine

During quarantine, you may have a lot of time on your hands. It’s the perfect time to revisit some favorite literary series. With the ubiquity of library apps such as Hoopla, Overdrive, Libby, or RBdigital, and paid e-reading apps like Kindle or Nook, getting a new book while social distancing can happen in seconds.

This list contains some geeky series that are particularly enjoyable when read one after the other—something you may not have the time to do otherwise. And they’re all older series, making it more likely that they will be available from library apps or already on your shelves. Happy reading!

Harry Potter

Of course, I’m going to say, Harry Potter. For most fans, a yearly reread is part of loving the boy wizard, and now is the perfect time to fit in this year. Gone are the days of waiting years between installments of Harry’s story, now you can follow him in his years at Hogwarts as quickly as you can read through it.

It was big news recently that J.K. Rowling was making Harry Potter available for teachers during the pandemic, as well as launching Harry Potter at Home. For many people, however, the books are already on their shelves. Revisit Hogwarts and the wizarding world and take your mind off the real world for a while.

The Infernal Devices

Arising from the Harry Potter fanfiction universe is author Cassandra Clare and her Shadowhunter Chronicles, currently consisting of five connected trilogies, a major motion picture, and successful Freeform TV series. My personal favorite is the second trilogy, the Infernal Devices, the Victorian era trilogy of The Shadowhunters Chronicles. Notable for its fast pace, high-tension, and heart-rending romantic plotlines, this trilogy is beloved amongst Shadowhunter fans.

The Infernal Devices brings readers characters also in the more modern sections of the story such as Magnus Bane, Tessa Grey, and Jem Carstairs. Unforgettable, of course, is Six-Fingered Nigel, as well as the demonic curses and creeping automatons. Bring your tissues and consider the audiobook versions if you have a thing for Welsh accents.

The Hunger Games

With a new prequel due out in May, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes now may be the time to reacquaint yourself with Panem, the Capital, and the Districts that once were the United States of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Series. Set in a distant future where kids fight to the death for entertainment on TV—a bold indictment of reality TV and our need for increasingly revolting entertainment—the Hunger Games follows Katniss Everdeen, an ordinary girl who must fight the power of an evil regime.

With themes frighteningly recognizable in modern political history, the Hunger Games is a thrilling adventure to read back-to-back, and an inspiration for those seeking justice everywhere. May the odds be ever in your favor!

The Young Wizard Series

It tells the tale of Nita Callahan and Kit Rodriguez, two young teenagers who both happen to stumble over magical manuals that teach them how to be wizards. Each book brings them a new challenge to master, many with eco-friendly plot lines. The Lone Power, their foe, reappears in different forms as the series goes on, forever lurking in the shadows. 

The sliding scale timeline has kept the series fresh and relevant despite being written over thirty years. From sentient dog, Ponch, to intergalactic airports, the Young Wizard Series gives readers a new and exciting episode with each lengthy installment.

The Time Quintet and the Austin Family Series

Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time is a quintessential favorite for young readers everywhere. The related series, however, are equally deserving of love as L’Engle explores more fantastic worlds, times, and human connection at its core.

The world began with Meg, Calvin, and Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which interweaves with the one in the Austin Family series, which is a little less fantasy-esque, but equally enjoyable. L’Engle’s books are prime nostalgia reading.

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