2 Minutes in Space Review

Calling all space lovers! Are you looking for an app to play on your days off? Look no further!
Check out 2 Minutes in Space. This app is available for both android and iPhones making it accessible for anyone with a smartphone. But what is it all about?

“For some people, the sky is the limit. For others, it’s just the beginning.Our mobile game 2
Minutes in Space is an additional proof of it. 2 Minutes in Space is a great free mobile game
where your mission is to dodge all deadly missiles coming your way to shoot you down. Use
simple controls to fly your spaceship, avoid missiles or make them collide with each other and
watch out for asteroids! Don’t forget to collect gold pieces on your way! This way you will
improve your score and enable energy boost, deflector shield, ammunition and all other great
things that help you to survive in space!”

This user-friendly app is perfect for anyone who loves classic NES games like Gradius. 2
Minutes in Space is perfect for new and experienced gamers. Easy to use controls and concept this app has it all. Levels progressively get harder, perfect for Youtubers and Streamers as the game can become a rage game, funny for reactions from entertainers!

The great part of this app is the customization: you can choose 1 of 12 different Spaceships
equipped with lasers, guns or laser cannons! This is a great feature to include in game because
each player will have a different experience. Players can compete to beat their high scores, making this app perfect for friends and family. WIll you be the space champion in your group? Or will you fall behind?

This app is even on social media and has their very own website where you can stay updated
with game updates, releases and much more. Be sure to give them a follow. By downloading 2
Minutes in Space gamers are opening their world to a new adventure. Great graphics and
gameplay gamers will not be disappointed with 2 Minutes in Space! Download the app today!
Download link: https://2mis.rarepixels.com

More about the game on the website: https://www.rarepixels.com/games/2-minutes-in-space/
Youtube trailer: https://youtu.be/2I-41lo8ubc
Videos of the game:

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