Yugijitsu Games: Currently Working on “Breakthrough” the Visual Novel Language App!

Yugijitsu Games “Breakthrough” is a new language learning app that combines the elements of a visual novel with language lessons. The app transports users to a foreign city where they play as a visitor and interact with local characters to complete language learning tasks. The more tasks the players complete, the more interactions they unlock with the characters. Players will also learn more about the characters’ stories as they advance in the game. This unique approach to language learning makes the experience both enjoyable and educational. The use of a visual novel format helps to keep users engaged and motivated as they work towards improving their language skills.

The characters in the app are designed perfectly for anime fans. The anime style adds to the
immersive experience. This style of character design is very visually appealing and also adds to
the language learning journey. The style makes it more engaging for users and allows them to
fully immerse themselves in the world of the foreign city. Getting to know each character more
and more.

Each character is unique, with their own distinct personalities and backgrounds, bringing a
sense of realism to the story. Those looking to learn a new language should definitely consider
checking out this app. As it is a new way to learn and have fun. Fans of apps like Duolingo will
also appreciate the educational aspect of this app.

Overall, the use of anime-style character design in “Breakthrough” is a clever way to make
language learning more appealing and entertaining. The design style helps to create a rich and
immersive world perfect for anime fans! All Ages of Geek recommends this app! Be sure to support them today by checking out their links. The app is currently about to go Alpha test, then do a kickstarters, with the hopes of a release in 2023. Perhaps this will be your start into learning a new language!

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