Yugijitsu Games: Currently Working on “Breakthrough” the Visual Novel Language App!

Yugijitsu Games “Breakthrough” is a new language learning app that combines the elements of a visual novel with language lessons. The app transports users to a foreign city where they play as a visitor and interact with local characters to complete language learning tasks. The more tasks the players complete, the more interactions they unlock […]

LGBTQ+ Kids Book Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hey there, Geek Moms! It’s Tommi here from “Geek Mom World” and today I want to talk about a fun and creative way to incorporate the Top 5 LGBTQ+ Valentine’s Day and Family Books for Kids into your child’s playtime. Be sure to read the article here for more information! Valentine’s Day is a time […]

Landscape With Invisible Hand Review – Sundance Film Festival

An alien invasion is what takes place in the sci-fi satire Landscape With Invisible Hand, but instead of warfare, they screw the world’s economy. From director Cory Finley, the story is based on M.T. Anderson’s novel and does a different take on the traditional aliens taking over Earth. The movie shows a future where an alien […]