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Rainbow Announces New Sensational Animated Winx Club Series Coming to Netflix in 2025

The most powerful fairies on the globe are back. After rumors and a massive deal of  anticipation, creator Iginio Straffi has recently unveiled at the latest edition of Italy’s  Comicon Napoli that Rainbow Studios will be launching the new, CGI-animated “Winx  Club” series on Netflix in 2025. It will be a whole new series, premiering worldwide on  the world leading SVOD platform, to celebrate the incredible legacy of Winx Club, among the most loved shows worldwide by both new and longtime fans, now ready to show a  total fresh look in a ‘throwback’ version that will make everyone fall in love once again.  The news is followed by the appointment of Playmates Toys and Giochi Preziosi as  master toy partners providing for an enchanting new Winx Club toy line. 

Leading companies in the toy industry, providing top quality and know-how, Playmates  and Giochi Preziosi will release globally the new collection of fashion dolls,  accessories, role play toys and playsets inspired by the Italian fairies that keep calling  the shots when it comes to style. After its debut back in 2004, the show produced and  distributed by Iginio Straffi’s Rainbow Group, headquartered in Italy, has been piling up  successes and adventures, spanning 8 animated seasons, 3 theatrical movies, 4 made 

for-television movies, 2 “World of Winx” animated series coproduced with Netflix, 2  seasons of a Netflix Original live action series ‘Fate – The Winx Saga’, countless live  events around the globe and boasts a fandom of loving fans following the steps of their 

favorite fairies. The Winx Club community has generated over 20 Billion views of Winx  Club content on YouTube and more than 35 Billion views of Winx Club related videos on  TikTok, and this year, Rainbow is calling the world to celebrate together 20 years of  friendship, magic, adventures and love with special initiatives, but also creating a new  exciting chapter.  

Winx Club is set to enchant old and new fans alike with this all-new animated series,  bringing the Magical Dimension to life like never before. This innovative adaptation will  reimagine the classic tales of Bloom and her friends, blending the show’s cherished  themes with contemporary storytelling and sensational visual effects. 

We will rediscover the journey of Bloom, a teenage girl from Earth who finds out she is a  fairy with extraordinary powers. As she enrolls in the Alfea College for Fairies, Bloom will  form the Winx Club with her new friends, embarking on fairy adventures across magical  dimensions. Let’s get ready to fly. 

“The Winx are returning stronger than ever, and I am grateful to collaborate with Netflix  once again, the ideal partner to bring any IP to global audiences. It’s a thrill to work with  our long-time friends and partners Giochi Preziosi and Playmates, and to create the best  Winx toys ever for all our fans. I am also very excited that the collaboration with these  esteemed partners will ensure a bright future for a powerful Winx comeback both on  screen and at retail”, commented Iginio Straffi, Creator of Winx Club and President of  Rainbow. 

About Rainbow 

Established in 1995 by multi-award-winning creator Iginio Straffi, President and CEO of the Group, Rainbow  produces and distributes animated and Live Action content across all audience targets and channels. First  rising among the largest animation studios in the world following the extraordinary success of the Winx Club  saga, loved, and followed by millions, Rainbow has showcased the power to create global and classic  franchises, landing yearly among the Top Global Licensors in the world with more than 500 active licenses.  

Rainbow Group also includes Bardel Inc. – Emmy Award®-winning Canadian studio offering CGI and VFX  animation services, and Colorado Film, Italian excellence company in Live Action production. Besides  creating and distributing original content worldwide, the group reaches the global market with licensing,  editorial projects, live events, and production of merchandise and toys also under license.

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