Rainbow Announces New Sensational Animated Winx Club Series Coming to Netflix in 2025

A promotional image for Winx Club featuring a red-haired character looking surprised at a small flame hovering above her hand. The background shows a cozy room with a glowing fish tank and a purple guitar. The logos for "Winx Club" and "All Ages of Geek" are prominently displayed.

The most powerful fairies on the globe are back. After rumors and a massive deal of  anticipation, creator Iginio Straffi has recently unveiled at the latest edition of Italy’s  Comicon Napoli that Rainbow Studios will be launching the new, CGI-animated “Winx  Club” series on Netflix in 2025. It will be a whole new series, premiering […]

How to Play Tamagotchi Uni: Tips and Tricks for Raising Your Tama

A vibrant promotional image for Tamagotchi Uni featuring three adorable Tamagotchi characters with joyful expressions. The background is a colorful, pixelated cityscape with bright lights and signs. The logos for "Tamagotchi Uni" and "All Ages of Geek" are prominently displayed.

Hey Tamagotchi Friends! Are you ready to dive into the Tamaverse and discover the best ways to raise your Tama? As a huge Tamagotchi fan, I’ve explored all the features of the Tamagotchi Uni and I’m excited to share my tips and tricks with you. Let’s get started on making your Tama as unique as […]

We Interviewed the Creator of Aventia!

The image is a promotional poster for the series "Aventia," featuring anime-style characters against a blue sky with clouds. The main character on the left is a young boy with spiky black hair and large brown eyes, wearing a red and white striped shirt. To the right, there is a purple-haired character with sharp, confident eyes, and a blue-haired character in a dynamic pose with a glowing blue hand. A girl with pink hair, a big red bow, and a cheerful expression, holding a small dog-like figure with a top hat, is also featured. The title "Aventia" is prominently displayed in the center, with "All Ages of Geek" branding in the bottom right corner.

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of the indie animation Aventia! Check it out to learn more about this fun project & be sure to check it out! 1. Tell us about Aventia! Aventia is an independently produced animated series inspired by anime! It follows the adventures of three teenagers, Billie Ignivento, […]