We Interviewed Vtuber Splakes

Today we interviewed Vtuber Splakes all about their journey as a creator!

What inspired you to become a VTUBER?

What inspired me to become a VTUBER was seeing the positive influence that other creators had on my life, such as seeing ShyLily and Shoto on Tiktok, playing games and interacting with their chat. The sense of community and their humor was something that got me through my first semesters of university. Going back a bit in time, I grew up on YouTube, watching a lot of iHasCupquake, SkyDoesMinecraft, StampyLongNose, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, PopularMMOS, etc. I had always dreamed of being a content creator, but I never saw myself being able to pursue this path as a small-town girl with no support in this field. Before I even became an affiliate, I decided that VTUBing was for me. I wanted a unique face for my channel.

(2) Tell us about your model!

This leads me into what I wanted people to see as the face of my channel. I wanted a celestial VTUBER who was confident in herself and could catch an eye in the world of VTUBERS. She is primarily composed of stars, constellations, and moons with a lavender and gold accent theme. She is also a celestial fox and drake species who originated from another planet, Oshiana. I have yet to release my lore, but as a spoiler she was not always a human. She has several forms and they change by wishing on a star.

(3) What is the best part about becoming a VTUBER?

This is a hard question, because there are so many aspects of being a VTUBER that I enjoy. The best part for me would be meeting hundreds of people in and out of the VTUBER community that support me and understand how much it means to me. I enjoy not having to get ready or be presentable for a camera, my VTUBER doing all of the work for me. It helps me feel more relaxed, confident, and comfortable talking to my viewers.

(4) What would you tell someone who wants to become a VTUBER? Any advice?

If you are interested in a VTUBER and have thoroughly thought out that this is the best decision for yourself and where you want to take your channel/community, do it! I do not regret being a VTUBER in any way, and I highly recommend it as an alternative to a face cam. My advice before investing in a VTUBER would be to make sure you are confident in a design and have researched artists & riggers to make your model. It is easy to spend hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars on a VTUBER. So to prevent yourself from losing money, have a solid design that you would love for many years to come, as well as an artist/rigger you trust and are confident in to make your ideas come to life.

(5) Goals for this year?

I set goals for myself a couple of months after starting VTUBING and I recommend setting goals for yourself, whether you’re a VTUBER or not. It helps track your community and personal growth. My goals for the year of 2022: ☐ Expand platform to YouTube. ☐ Reach out to more VTUBERS and support the VTUBER community. ☐ Collab with 5 New Friends. ☐ Reach 1k on Twitch ☐ Reach 1k on Twitter ☐ Reach 2k on TikTok ☐ Create a schedule. ☐ Release lore, lore video(?) ☐ Give back to my community. I have nearly completed 4 of my goals so far and I cannot wait to see how much more progress I can make by December of this year.

(6) Where can people support you?

As of right now I am on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok. I also have a Discord server if people are interested in chatting with me offline and for updates on when I go live!

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