Galaxy-Boy Delivery: Galaxy Cookies

Do you ever need decoration ideas for a fun space-themed snack for homeschool cooking fun, or a cookie party with your kids? Galaxy-Boy Delivery, the Virtual YouTuber web-series has a few space decoration ideas for you! Get ready for a space adventure with Stilo and Korl as they help you make DIY cookie decorations.  What […]

What Does it Take to Become a Graphic Designer

by: Ramona Joanne With the introduction of new technologies, some people may wonder if graphic designers are still necessary. Although AI can produce similar artworks quickly, graphic designers bring something to the table that no technology can replicate: the human touch. Imagine how would an AI designer draft a brand visual that’s described as ethereal, punk, […]

We Interviewed Olivia Swasey

Hello is MinaRose2023 here with a wonderful interview with voice actress Olivia Swasey. Hello Olivia how are you today? I’m fantastic! Thank you so much for asking.  When did you start thinking voice acting is for me? I’ve wanted to be an actor ever since I was little. With two parents in the industry, it was […]

Quizl a Must Try Trivia Game

Looking for a new web app game to play during your time off? Check out Quizl! Quizl is a dailytrivia game where the player answers five daily questions. Inspired by popular game Wordlewith a twist, Quizl is perfect for anyone looking to expand their knowledge. Quizl is great for fans of the popular show Jeopardy. […]

We Interviewed Vtuber Splakes

Today we interviewed Vtuber Splakes all about their journey as a creator! What inspired you to become a VTUBER? What inspired me to become a VTUBER was seeing the positive influence that other creators had on my life, such as seeing ShyLily and Shoto on Tiktok, playing games and interacting with their chat. The sense […]

“Nightmare Arena” DLC for Video Game Fables

Nightmare Arena DLC for Video Game Fables is available on October 25, 2022! The full game will be discounted at 40% off from October 24th-November 1st. This is a great time to purchase! There will also be a permanent bundle for purchase to get the base game and DLC together. To learn more about the […]

2048: Chemical Game Review

Looking for a fun and educational app to help you with all your chemistry needs? Lookno further! Check out the app 2048: Chemical Game. This app is currently available onGoogle Play and is perfect for anyone interested in chemistry or needs a fun way tolearn more. But how does it work? This app is very […]