We Interviewed Sailor Samara

By: MinaRose2023

Hi Sailor Samara I hope you’re having a good day!

~ I’m having an awesome day! Thanks a lot for having me for this interview.

When did you start collecting Sailor Moon?

~ It was the mid-90s. There wasn’t much merchandise to purchase at first. I remember buying some official jewelry,  some bed sheets and a comforter. All of which I still own. I shopped at a store called Ames (which sadly isn’t around anymore) and that’s where I found my first Sailor Moon doll. She was the 6 inch doll made by Bandai, I was really excited to find her.

Which was your hardest piece or thing to get that you collected?

~ Most definitely, the original Star Locket. The one I still have from a few years back. I purchased it from another collector. Sadly, like most of my vintage collectibles from Sailor Moon, it’s not in great condition but I still am happy to actually have one after years of looking for one within my budget.

How many years did it take you to collect these Sailor Moon toys?

~ This year marks 25 years I’ve been collecting. Although, I didn’t get serious into the hobby until around 2006. Most of my items have either come from other collectors or more recently, stores with the revival of the series in the USA, starting in the 2010s.

Which is your favourite Sailor Moon Collection Piece?

~ It’s tough to narrow down favorites but I’ve always loved my original Sailor Moon doll I found back in 1997 and my talking/ musical Luna plush made by Irwin. The Luna is special to me because I had her for many years and she never worked correctly. Thankfully, my husband was able to repair her later on.

Do you collect other things?

~ I do! I’m really interested in Disney merch. Mainly, the princess films of my childhood. When Disney’s Frozen came out, it really struck a cord in me and I started collecting from that movie. That collection is extremely huge now, I never would have thought would happen. I’m also into retro gaming and have a decent video game collection.

Why do you love collecting Anime , Disney and other things?

~ I guess, it was something that I could relate to. My childhood had it’s ups and downs. I didn’t have a lot of friends growing up either. Sailor Moon was my first anime before I found other classics like InuYasha, Fushigi Yugi, etc. Sailor Moon had so many friends and she was someone I could relate to in personality. I thought, if she could have so many friends, maybe I could one day.

Do you have other hobbies besides collecting?

~ Reading manga is something I’ve done a lot. It’s probably my go to if I’m bored but away from home, so I always take some books with me. I’m also a big gamer and have played video games since I was very young. I’m a huge fan of the series, The Legend of Zelda. Crafting is probably my biggest hobby, I also love learning from other crafters. More recently, I’ve been restoring vintage dolls and toys. Since I have so many, I’m glad I could make them look brand new or at least, much better then they had.

What is it about Sailor Moon you like the most as in both the Manga Anime and Crystal/Eternal?

~ There are so many things, to be honest. Sailor Moon was not only a girl, but she was clumsy, not the best in school and she just wanted to play video games and read comics, all things I really loved to do as well. Later, she finds out she is responsible for saving the world?! What little girl doesn’t want to find that out? Although, at first, she wasn’t that happy about it. I could see that being scary too. The story just fascinated me.



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