We Interviewed Author Gen/Esis

We had the pleasure of chatting with Gen/Esis all about their work! 1. What inspires your work? A large inspiration for my work comes from the many writers whose works I look up to. Stories by the likes of Reki Kawahara and Nisioisin left an impact on me, and I want to do the same […]

We Interviewed Author & VTuber Ashe Inkrott

We talked with Author & VTuber Ashe Inkrott 1. What inspires your work? Many different things inspire me. When it comes to my writing, my inspiration mainly comes from anime, manga, light novels, and video games. I am also inspired almost daily by other writers, many of them friends, in the VTuber sphere. Seeing how […]

We Interviewed Sailor Samara

By: MinaRose2023 Hi Sailor Samara I hope you’re having a good day! ~ I’m having an awesome day! Thanks a lot for having me for this interview. When did you start collecting Sailor Moon? ~ It was the mid-90s. There wasn’t much merchandise to purchase at first. I remember buying some official jewelry,  some bed […]