We Interviewed Author & VTuber Ashe Inkrott

We talked with Author & VTuber Ashe Inkrott

1. What inspires your work?

Many different things inspire me. When it comes to my writing, my inspiration mainly comes from anime, manga, light novels, and video games. I am also inspired almost daily by other writers, many of them friends, in the VTuber sphere. Seeing how hard they work drives me to put my all into my writing as well.

2. Can you tell us about The Rise of The Dragon Queen? What can fans expect?

Basically, The Rise of The Dragon Queen is a sword-and-sorcery fantasy web novel that follows a married lesbian couple, Ketsuna and Vixia Wynstar, as they protect their kingdom from dragon attacks. However, this does not settle well with the Ironscale Slayers, the queen’s very own dragon-slaying guild. The queen forces them to join the guild in exchange for Ketsuna to gain citizenship and then things become more complicated from there. I began working on the project years ago and am now going through my final rounds of edits on the story and uploading chapters to read for free on Honeyfeed and Tapas. Fans can expect compelling action scenes, rebellious characters, lesbian representation, and new chapters every Friday. Oh, and occasional reading streams over on my Twitch channel.

3. What advice would you give to new authors?

I would advise newer authors to start sharing their work as soon as possible without worrying about it being perfect. Tell others about your work-in-progress, start networking with people that have similar interests to your target audience, and get some snippets out there, at least. When I first started, I was worried about making all of my writing as perfect as possible, but if I didn’t let go of that then I never would have shared anything or found any of my lovely readers, who have been a massive supporting force for me in my rewrites. Also, write the kind of stories that you would want to read. Chances are that someone else will want to read it too and it is a lot easier to network with readers if you have interests in common.

4. Tell us about your streaming and content creation! What can folks expect?

I stream on Twitch and also make videos for YouTube. I have a main channel and a (mostly-empty) VOD channel. I am still working on a consistent schedule for my Twitch streams, but you can often find me there reading my stories or playing Nintendo Switch games such as Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, and Animal Crossing. If you tune into a Twitch stream, expect cozy vibes and a chill time. I am not a high-energy streamer and, according to my viewers, it helps make my streams a bit more relaxing. When it comes to my YouTube channel, I post videos about a multitude of topics and I am still expanding. So far my channel has mostly focused on my creative writing and storytimes about different things that have happened in my journey as a writer and a college student, but I am going to be branching out to anime, manga, and light novel reviews and more soon.

5. Goals for 2023?

Since I should be finished with uploading chapters of The Rise of The Dragon Queen by the end of November, my goals for 2023 are to start posting chapters of a new story and possibly publish The Rise of The Dragon Queen as an original English light novel. I have wanted to turn it into a physical book for a while, but I also want to include illustrations that are characteristic of light novels and update the cover. As for what I will be working on after The Rise of The Dragon Queen, that is currently a secret.

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