We Interviewed Artist @_ShiShu17

We had the pleasure of interviewing @_ShiShu17 all about their comic!


1. Tell us about your comic!

The history is about a recently unemployed medical student in argentina (Ayelén, a deer) , who due the despair, took the decision to look for a sugar mommy. No sugar daddy! Because she is lesbian. In the way, she meet Margarita, an older woman, and a cow. margarita got divorced three months ago, and really all she was looking for was company. she did not plan to create a bond with ayelen, she did not even understand the concept of “sugar mommy”, so all she feel toward Ayelen at first is the maternal need to help her and support her in her goals.

2. What inspired your comic?

I was drawing animals on my sketchbook on class, and i drew a cow in the supermarket, buying milk. At side, i drew a bull cooking, and a deer buying clothes. My classmate laughed and said “she look like a rich woman” and we started to create a history. But the real history came later. I asked a friend to rol margarita so I could write the script. That’s how margarita ended being created.

3. Goals for next year?

my goals for the next year are: become independent and move to buenos aires to start my studies. although it would not be possible until 2024! I want to be able to study and publish my comic at the same time. I probably won’t get a high paying job if I want to have time to draw, so it would be great if I could get an income from my comic!

4. Where can people support your work?

Here! On Twitter! Or reading my comic on webtoon! “Moo~mmy” by: oreomini. Even if you can’t read it, it would be great if you let your like and follow, so i can ask webtoon for serialization in some point

Also i have a ko-fi, and my commissions are open!!

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