We Interviewed The Creator Of Indie Game A2 Zygon

We had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of the indie game A2 Zygon. support themHERE 1. What inspires your work? I’ve had an interest in game development since I was a kid. I liked to design levels for existing games, and would draw them on paper. My father worked in the game industry, […]

We Interviewed ShenTzu Games

We had the pleasure of interviewing ShenTzu Games all about their work! 1. What inspires your work? I was always a fan of space and sci-fi (among other things), and loved games since I was a kid. Many games such as Mass Effect, Fallout 3, and Nier Automata had amazing stories that left a deep […]

We Interviewed Artist @_ShiShu17

We had the pleasure of interviewing @_ShiShu17 all about their comic! SUPPORT HERE 1. Tell us about your comic! The history is about a recently unemployed medical student in argentina (Ayelén, a deer) , who due the despair, took the decision to look for a sugar mommy. No sugar daddy! Because she is lesbian. In […]

CottoneeSocks Is Now On Youtube!

Artist CottoneeSocks is soon joining Youtube. Be sure to subscibe to her now to stay updated with her debut! SUBSCRIBE HERE 1. What are your plans for YouTube? If all goes well I’m hoping to share a much more in depth look at how my sculptures come to life! For now I’m planning to stay […]