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Undiscovered Country – Comic Book Review

Image Comics puts together a post apocalyptic story that has twists and turns at every corner in Undiscovered Country. Scott Snyder and Charles Soule write a scenario of life, death, and survival. When the United States closes itself off to the rest of the world for over thirty years an unlucky group of diplomats, scientists, and a mercenary enter the land the world forgot.

On the outside of America’s walls the world is suffering from this incredible disease in the form of the Sky Virus. There is no cure for the pandemic until it is stated the only cure lies within former Northern America.

Now, the mission to save the world begins as the clock is ticking for the rest of the planet. Dr. Charlotte Graves and her brother Major Graves lead the journey into the forgein lands with diplomats Chang Enlou and Janet Worthington. Also the team includes cultural expert Ace Kenyatta, journalist Valentina Sandoval, and finally pilot Colonel Pavel Bukowski.      

Upon arrival the team is immediately attacked by the local savages living in former America. The land has been sectioned off into multiple territories, and each area ruled by a king. The Destiny Man, leader of the land pursues the team with deadly intent. The comic explores slavery, mystery, and mutations.    

In charge of the artwork is Giuseppe Camuncoli and Daniele Orlandini together these two elevate the art in a direction that has no limits. When it comes to the character profiles, animals, and vehicles in this world everything is extraordinary.

Heavy outlines are present in creating a stronger presence of characters and environment. A form of realism is stylized with the comic in displaying human anatomy of bones, fingers, and facial features.  Upon entering the United States everything switches up with exaggerated limbs of people with mutations. Fish that can swim in sand and giant lizards that crawl up walls.  

Matt Wilson takes over the colors as they amplify the danger and the new age culture that has taken over the badlands of the United States. Solid colors are present with little blending to bring out flesh tones of skin and people. 

Matt’s arsenal of tones delivers a stronger impact with less effort as the story dives deeper into the heart of America. Matt has an eye to break up a plain page with complementary colors to keep the reader excited to view everything taking place from the action to the dialogue. He is always aware of the light source and gives proper shading when blending colors or placing shadow. The main colors to take over are red, pink, blue, and black. 

Undiscovered Country will be for people who like post-apocalyptic stories that have no rules. The ongoing series thrives on anarchy as the heroes must survive this unrelenting world to save another.    

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